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Destruction After the Storm

Our Most Recent Storm

I live in West Michigan, and on April 12, 2014, we had a thunderstorm that produced hail and high winds. After the storm passed, a friend and I were coming home from shopping, and I looked over at the cemetery where my family is buried, and saw four downed trees. I said, “Let’s drive by and see them,” so we did. Well, it was a lot more than four trees! The entire road was lined with trees that had toppled over. The ones shown in this photo just happen to fall on other trees, but most were on the ground. They didn’t fall on the road, which I guess was good, but they all fell onto the grass. It was so strange seeing a street lined with downed trees. My friend even wondered if maybe the cemetery was removing the trees themselves, but that wasn’t the case.

I’m sharing a few photos I took here, and my experience driving around at night after the storm. This photo was taken by me shortly after the storm raged through. It’s at Sunrise Memorial Gardens.

I Didn’t Realize Things Were That Bad

I didn’t realize that the storm was that bad until after it happened. Earlier that day, I saw a Robin searching for worms and hunkering down when a strong wind came through, so I knew about it being windy. Then a friend picked me up to go to the store with her. Just before she arrive, the sky got very dark and eery looking. When I got into her car, I said, “Looks like tornado weather.”

We went about our day, and was shopping for an hour or so, and when she brought me back, she was going to come in for a cup of coffee. I felt what I thought was a large raindrop on my right shoulder as we were heading to my backdoor. My friend said, “It’s hailing.” As soon as we walked in my back door, it hailed harder than I ever remember seeing it do. Right after that I lost power.

We decided to go to her house for coffee, thinking she probably had power, and thinking mine would be on shortly. Wrong on both accounts. She was also without power, and it turns out over 70,000 people around up were, as well.

So we took a trip to a Starbucks for coffee and visited a new department store in our area, hoping that if we killed enough time, out power would be back on when we got home. It wasn’t., and I was without power 19 hours, and without Internet and cable for 23 hours.

No Power Means No Running Water for Me

I have well water, which is run to the faucets and toilet by a water pump, which works via electricity, so when we are without power, I can’t run water or flush my toilet.

My aunt did not lose power, so that evening, after my friend and I got back from the store, I headed to my aunt’s house for bottled water that she keeps stored in her garage. At least I can flush my toilet and do a few dishes, as well as provide fresh water for my cats.

It was starting to get dark on the way there, but I was able to see fine. But after I talked to her for a while, and got the water loaded, it was dark. I hate driving in the dark, in case there are trees across the road or downed wires. I could not see anything, and it was scary.

They had the road closed, where I had driven just 30 minutes prior. I thought perhaps a downed wire was the issue, but come to find out the next day, and large tree had fallen across the road. I was so thankful that it didn’t fall on me! Seriously…that was very scary for me, and I was thanking God for His protection!!!

Be Prepared When you Lose Power

I had to dig out candles and my oil lamps when we were without power. I also needed flashlights. Now mind you, I had six flashlights, but could only find five, and out of those five, only two worked. I tried batteries, and thought maybe they were old and dead, but come to find out they weren’t. The next day I bought a pack of three flashlights and am keeping one in a variety of rooms around the house.

I truly wish I had a generator, when things like this happen. We very seldom lose power where I live, and when we do, it’s normally not for very long, but it would certainly be nice to have a back-up generator for times like this!

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Some Trees Destroyed Houses

I really haven’t heard the full impact that this storm had, but my friend texted me a photo of a huge tree that had fallen in front of someone’s house. It completely demolished the house, and this person is now homeless.

I drove by on my way to work, and found the house and downed tree, and I took some photos.

Yes, there is a house behind all of those branches. This breaks my heart!

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