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If you run a design agency then there are a lot of skills your designers must have in this day and age. The nature of the internet is always evolving as are the skills required of your designers. Web design in particular has changed a lot since the early days of the internet. The way a site is coded has evolved to separate design from structure using CSS. Also the standards for design in web sites has advanced greatly – with beautiful design being every bit as important as functionality.

Whilst most web designers today are aware of the standards that are required of them, there are certain aspects of design that require designers to be constantly up to date with the latest advancements. A perfect example of this would be SEO. SEO is something that every web designer must be familiar with. Whilst there are specialists in SEO, web designers must have a very good level of knowledge to be able to create truly modern web designs. The reason for this is that web design and SEO are intimately linked. Up until recent years, SEO was very much focused on outside factors such as backlinks and directory listings. Nowadays it is imperative that a web site is built from the ground up to be SEO optimized.

SEO Courses

Your clients are your most important asset and nowadays they are more savvy than ever and are very aware of what should be delivered. For this reason your web designers and content writers must be aware of the best practices for SEO. The way a site is designed will have a big impact on its long term success and most clients will expect the site to be designed with this in mind. Unfortunately there are quite a lot of web designers who may be great at design but don’t fully appreciate the importance of on-site SEO optimization.

If you run a design agency and want to make sure your designers have great all round skills, including SEO then a great option is to send them to an SEO training course. A good SEO training course will give your designers a big advantage when designing their sites. What is required to make a website SEO optimized is changing all the time so it’s essential to have the latest knowledge.  This can only be taught by people who specialise in SEO and make it their business to keep up to date at all times.

If you want to send your designers on an SEO training course then you can usually find them online by searching for SEO courses in your area. There is the option to have a consultant come and give and in-house training course to your designers but it’s usually preferable to send them on a course as it gives your designers the opportunity to learn from others who are attending. By paying for your designers to go a good SEO course, you will reap the rewards as your deign agency will build a reputation for creating sites that are perfectly coded and optimized for SEO.

The internet has a wealth of information but that doesn’t mean it has a wealth of good information. There are a lot of topics online that have an awful lot of incorrect or outdated information on them. SEO is a prime example of this. It is not enough for your web designers to be self-educated when it comes to SEO –it is vital that they have the latest information taught be specialists.  This is more important than ever in 2012, after Google has made major changes to its algorithm which means well coded sites with quality content are more important than ever.

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