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Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo FrameDigital Photo Frames

​With the new age of digital cameras becoming more and more popular the days of the old film processing are numbered. Having a digital photo frame is the perfect way to show off all of your digital photos. There are many types of digital photo frames on the market today with a wide range of applications available. With a digital photo frame you can add life to a room or office by displaying your digital art in a at looking stylish frame. Below are some examples of digital photo frames and information about the features available and watch the video to get some ideas of how to use a new digital photo frame.

What is a Digital Photo Frame?

A digital photo frame is a picture frame that will display digital pictures taken with a digital camera. Digital photo frames come in various sizes ranging from 7 inches to 20 inches. While some digital photo frames only display jpeg images most come with options that supports most formats and some support video and mp3 music.

Digital Photo frames will typically display the photo from the cameras memory card while other models have an internal memory storage capacity. Some models of digital photo frames have the ability to upload images to the internet allowing you to share photos with family.    

Video  Review of a Digital Photo Frame

Watch the following video and see the how Digital Photo frames work and what you can do with one. 


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  1. I have a couple of digital photo frames, they are great for people who take a ton of pictures but don’t have the wall space for them all….lol  Like me!  Great information here as usual.

  2. I love your 1st featured digital photo frame.  What a great gift!  I know a few people who need these.  Thanks for sharing.

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