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Table Pad Covers

Table Pad Covers

A table pad cover is a must have for your dining room table. A table pad cover is essential in protecting your dining room table from scratches, dents, spills and hot spots. They protect your table during the many holidays and every day dining use with your family and friends.

Table Pad Covers

Table pad covers are made of insulated vinyl layer and a quilted polyester fiber or fleece backing to protect your table from hot spots from hot dishes or coffee pots, spills, scratches and dents. Especially during the holidays when you make your favorite holiday dinner with family and friends. More times than not there is a spill and all those hot dishes need not harm the finish on your table. Table Pad Covers also muffle some of the sound of clanking dishes hitting the table.

Table pad covers also provide a better drape for your tablecloth if your table pad drapes under your tablecloth. You can also opt to cut the table pad cover to fit your table perfectly.

Measure your table to ensure the correct size and remember to add in your drape.

Table Pad Covers

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PVC Table Coverings

 LeeVan Heavy Weight Vinyl Rectangle Table CoverView Now On Amazon

LeeVan vinyl tablecloths are Eco-friendly PVC material tablecloths. Because of their heavy construction and mufti-functional feature can perfectly protect your table cloth. NO methanol, AZO and other harmful chemical substances. This LeeVan tablecloth feature a stain, oil resistance treatment, fadeless and also available in various stages of Assembly. LeeVan Tablecloths are great for indoor and outdoor use,


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