Dinner with a Perfect Stranger by David Gregory

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tote bag

 Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. A one of a kind experience.

Nick receives a dinner invitation on his desk. It is inviting him to dine with Jesus of Nazareth at a local Italian restaurant. He isn’t sure he should go as it probably is a prank being pulled by his buddies.  Nick keeps expecting his friends to pop out from behind the lattice. Nick is having problems at work and in his marriage. He is very unsure about this man he meets in the restaurant. Is he a nut, actor or just some one pretending? As they eat their dinner Nick’s many questions are being answered by the stranger. They discussed various religions and why God does not make everyone go to heaven. By the time they reached dessert Nick was entertaining a change in his life. Nick is left with a decision. Will he let Jesus into his life or leave Him on the outside knocking on the door his heart? What would you do if you received such an invitation?

I enjoyed Dinner with a Perfect Stranger very much.  I would love to read other books by this author.  I am eager to share it with others. It is only 100 pages but very well written to make you stop and look at your life. It would be ideal for a small group Bible study.

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