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Discover the Potential of Medical Assistant Programs

If job security tops your list of concerns, do some research on medical assistant programs. You will discover a career field in high demand. In Miami and throughout the country, medical assistant jobs are predicted to continue to increase at crazy rates. The US Department of Labor says the field will grow by at least 34%.

Job Description for a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants cover a wide range of tasks. The job involves a mix of clerical, clinical and administrative tasks. Depending on the type and size of the office or facility of employment, a medical assistant might perform duties in only one area.

Clinical medical assistants are more directly involved in medical procedures. They access the status of patients relaying data to doctors and nurses. Performing basic tests, reading instruments, charting patient information and working with sensitive equipment can all be part of their job description.
Administrative medical assistants work with technology updating patient files, submitting insurance forms and arranging schedules. They often handle hospital admissions and oversee office tasks. Clerical medical assistants perform duties similar to any clerical worker except they work in a medical setting.
Over half of employed medical assistants work in offices for physicians while others work in a hospital, care facility or private setting.

How to Choose a Medical Assistant Program
Medical assistant programs are wrapped up in different packages. Some programs take only 12 months to complete a Certified Medical Assistant Technical Diploma while other programs involve two years to earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree. Some programs require four years to earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree.

If you plan to work in the medical field for a length time, entry level jobs based on shorter medical assistant programs will get you into the industry. Once you work for a year or two, you might have a better idea of what you’d liked to pursue as an ultimate goal. Maybe you want to get a BS degree to become a registered nurse. Maybe you want to invest several years to medical school to become a doctor. Maybe you thrive as a medical assistant and plan to continue in that job.

Considering the demand for medical assistants, you could opt for a shorter initial education investment start working sooner. If you decide to upgrade your job status, you can return to school to continue your education. You are the best source to make that decision.

Key Courses for a Medical Assistant

Coursework for medical assistants lead to a CMA (Certification Examination for Medical Assistants) recognized throughout the United States. The CMA transfers to any state.

Nearly all programs include a class in Microsoft applications. Core courses typically include introductory classes in health science. Other important courses include laboratory, medical, office and clinical procedures. Medical coding is often on the list of classes for some medical assistant programs.
Medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, phlebotomy, pathophysiology and EKG classes round out the list of common classes needed to become a medical assistant.

If you are a high school student interested in the medical profession, you should take as many science classes as you can. Algebra is also helpful while English classes should assist you in filling out patient charts and writing reports.

If you are worried about the availability of jobs, look into a career as a medical assistant. Check out the requirements and find a program suited to your needs. After only 12 months you could start an entry level job and gain valuable experience. After working as a medical assistant, the perspective of an insider could help you decide on future educational plans.

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