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Dishwasher covers are becoming popular as a way to spruce up the kitchen for not a lot of money. I personally love this idea, especially since these are so easy to place and then remove and since they are available in a number of different designs from solid colors such as black, white and stainless steel to a variety of different scenes, including some holiday designs that you can change out for the different holidays. You can buy these that attach to the dishwasher magnetically or by peel-and-stick application.

Please note that there are different sizes (small and large) of many of these, so pay attention to the size in the description when ordering!

Stainless Steel Dishwasher Covers

Spruce Up Your Dishwasher Instead of Replacing It

Appliance Art Instant Stainless Large Magnet Dishwasher Cover

Like the look of stainless steel appliances but do not want to pay the money for a new dishwasher? Maybe a stainless steel dishwasher cover is the answer. This one is currently available on Amazon and is applied using a peel-and-stick application method.

Note that this should be applied to a smooth surface and is not suitable for covering up blemishes on your dishwasher.

I like the look of the cover on the black dishwasher that is pictured on the left. These are also available in white and black colors as shown below.

Large Dishwasher Cover in BlackLarge Dishwasher Cover in BlackWhite Custom Dishwasher Cover PanelWhite Custom Dishwasher Cover Panel

Decorative Magnetic Dishwasher Covers

Easy to Install or Remove

These are some of the examples of covers that are easy to install and remove and that provide a bit of color and artistic design for your dishwasher.

One advantage of the magnetic dishwasher cover is that you can change it out periodically if you choose to reflect the season or an upcoming holiday. See the holiday versions further down the page.

 Vintage Coffee Dishwasher Cover Spring Themed Magnetic Dishwasher Cover Large Country Floral Bouquet Magnetic Kitchen Dishwasher Cover Girlfriends in Paris Dishwasher Magnet Cover (Large) Butterflies & Flowers Kitchen Magnetic Dishwasher Cover See India Vintage Dishwasher Cover Tuscan Dishwasher Magnet by Miles Kimball Paris Cafe Kitchen Magnetic Dishwasher Cover Aristotle Custom Dishwasher Cover Seasonal Kitchen Dishwasher Cover Magnets – Set Of 4 Miles Kimball American Flag Magnetic Dishwasher Cover Confucius Custom Dishwasher Cover Chef at Trattoria Custom Dishwasher Cover Country Floral Dishwasher Cover Panel Estate Bottled Dishwasher Magnet Cover (Large) Geraniums Custom Dishwasher Cover Tuscan Grapes Large Dishwasher Cover Connections Dishwasher Cover Sunflowers Dishwasher Art Painted Magnetic Dishwasher Cover DA – 11258 Dishwasher Covers Small – (17

Holiday Dishwasher Covers

Change These Out with the Seasons or Holidays

 Kissing Santa Christmas Magnetic Dishwasher Cover Small

If you are the type of person who loves to decorate for the holidays, then these seasonal and holiday dishwasher covers might be for you. They are magnetic and therefore easy to apply and remove for the change of the seasons or holidays.
During non-holiday times, you might wish to use a more generic form of decorative cover such as one with scenery or a plain color as pictured above.

 Fall Harvest Pumpkin Patch Dishwasher Cover Magnet Large Set of 4 Seasonal Dishwasher Magnets Set of 4 Seasonal Dishwasher Magnet Art Easter Americana Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I had no idea you could spruce up your kitchen so easily as with these dishwasher covers! Cool.

  2. What a cool idea. Would never have thought of this, but it works well.

  3. What a cool idea. I especially like the fact that you can make any dishwasher look like a stainless steel one.

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