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Disney Christmas Snow Globes

Disney Christmas Snow Globes must be Magical

You do not have to be a Disney or a snow globe collector to love these Disney Christmas Snow Globes.

A snow globe on it’s own is pretty magical. I remember looking forward to going to Grandma’s each year and helping with decorations. I could not wait until we were done so that I could sit and shake her snow globe. I loved watching the snow fall over and over. It was a pretty special snow globe as it could be wound up and played music too.

Now take that magical snow globe and add a bit of Disney Christmas to it and you have something extra special.

The magic always happens when a someone picks up that Disney Christmas snow globe and shakes it. All you have to do to see the magic is watch, you will see a child smile, laugh, or giggle. I have even see a few adults smile or giggle but mostly it brings back fond memories of when they were a child. The best part of the magic are all of the new memories that are being created that will last lifetimes.

Disney Christmas Snow Globes are perfect for gift giving too. A present that will be unwrapped year after year with special thoughts of you.

Minnie & Mickey Disney Christmas Snow Globe

Disney Mickey & Minnie Miniature “Merry Christmas” SnowglobeSee More…

Minnie and Mickey look so adorable in the miniature Disney Christmas Snow Globe. They are dressed in their Santa suites by the Christmas tree ready to exchange presents.

This is a crystal clear Disney snow globe on a vividly colored base. It is titled “A Swell Holiday Merry Christmas”

There is a bit of magic featured in this Disney Snow Globe. The star on the top of the Christmas tree has come right through the snow globe.


An Old Fashioned Disney Christmas

“An Old Fashioned Disney Christmas” Musical SnowglobeSee More…

This Disney Christmas Snow Globe is has to be touched with some Disney magic! How else can you explain the snow continuously swirling around the castle and Tinkerbell without the globe being shaken at all

It even lights up and plays 8 different Christmas melodies and can automagically shut itself off after an hour.

Snow White’s Castle and Tinkerbell are inside the snow globe while 13 characters from 1966 and before are outside andlook to be on their way to join in the celebrations.

The details are amazing on this Disney Christmas Snow Globe. Click the See More button and see it up close for yourself.


Disney Wonderland Express Miniature Snowglobe Train Collection

Disney Wonderland Express Miniature Snowglobe Train CollectionSee More…

Choo Choo! Watch out here comes Mickey and friends in the fun miniature Disney Christmas Snow Globe Set. This fun musical train is actually a Disney Christmas Snow Globe Collection. Each train car features different characters all ready for Christmas.

Of course Mickey is engineering the train while playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

What a fun Christmas decoration this Disney Christmas Snow Globe Set makes.

It would be look amazing displayed as a centerpiece or under the Christmas tree.


Disney’s Christmas At The Castle Miniature Snowglobe Collection

Disney’s Christmas At The Castle Miniature Snowglobe CollectionSee More…

What could be more magical than a Disney castle? A Disney castle featuring miniature Disney Christmas Snow Globes of course!

The Disney Christmas Snow Globes are removable making it easy to shake and see the glittering swirling snow. It also plays 8 different holiday songs.

This beautiful Disney Christmas Snow Globe Set is with so many details like Cinderella’s carriage and Tinkerbell flying over that you really need to click See More and take a look up close.


Even More Disney Christmas Snow Globes

As you can never have too much Disney magic!

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