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Disney Princess Toys

My Girls Love Disney Princess Toys

I’m a dad of two little girls that love Disney princess toys for girls. My girls love anything with the Disney princesses on it including clothes, toys, and especially the movies. They have many of the princess dolls and dress up clothes, but their favorite is the little people disney princess castle that they got for Christmas.

When my girls start playing Disney princess dress up I know that if they do before the day is over I’m going to be prince charming and be the dance partner…and that’s just fine with me. Sometimes it may be an inconvenience, but I know I’ll miss it when they get older.

Recently when we went to Disney I understood for the first time just how big of a deal the Princesses are for girls of all ages. We waited in line and let my girls meet their favorite princesses and I saw girls of all ages waiting. I think that’s a bigger deal for most girls than meeting Mickey! Did you know there is even a Disney Princess race where all the ladies dress up as their favorite princess?

Now that I have little girls, I find myself surrounded by pink, purple, princess, and sparkles. I even spend more time in the girls toy isle than in the sports equipment when we go shopping. It’s funny how time changes things. Below you’ll find many of the disney princess toys for girls that we have, along with a couple that’s on the wish list. These are all great choices for little girl Christmas gifts.

My Top Picks For Disney Princess Toys

My girls love their little people castle!

My girls love the little people Disney princess castle that they got for Christmas. They play with it all the time, and even play with it together. (If you have kids you know how impossible that feat is.) I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great gift for a young girl, especially one who loves Disney. This is very well made, so I know that it will last for several years and both of my girls will get plenty of enjoyment from this toy.

I recommended the Leappad2 Princess pack based on parent reviews and the fact that I am considering it for my girls. I think it would be an excellent educational toy for them, and having the princesses on it just makes it even better. Leapfrog is known for it’s quality educational products and this one is no different. It even has a touch screen.

 Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace Disney Princess Electronic Reader

Disney Princess Gifts For Girls

Dolls and Figures

My daughters have every single one of these dolls except for the Flynn Rider one. They play with these in their castle, downstairs on the couch and I even find them in the bathtub. They don’t say they’re waterproof but I haven’t seen any damage yet. If you have more than one girl they may occasionally fight over who gets which one, but that’s ok. We have two girls and we’re surviving.

As a dad I much prefer these dolls to Barbie because they’re more modest and are appropriate for little girls. Disney really goes all out with the sparkles, pink and purples, and long hair that most little girls love. And even better than that is the crown, and we all know that’s the most magical part for our little girls.

 Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Ariel Doll – 2012 Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Cinderella Doll – 2011 Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Fashion Doll (Styles may vary) Disney Princess Sparkling Princess Sleeping Beauty Doll – 2012 Disney Tangled Sing and Glow Light up Rapunzel Doll Disney Tangled Featuring Rapunzel Flynn Rider Fashion Doll

Disney Princess Presents For Girls

Castles and Play Houses

Featured below are the best Disney Princess castles. My girls have two different castles and they play with them all the time with their dolls. The castles we have are well worth the money we spent on them, and I love seeing my girls play with them so much. There are several great options for a Disney castles, and I’ve chosen the four best ones to show you.

 Disney Princess Castle Disney Sofia The First Magical Talking Castle Disney Princess Royal Castle Disney Princess Fashion Doll Castle

Disney Princess Dress Up

Dresses and Costumes

My girls wear their Disney Princess dresses just about every day! It’s just plain fun for them to dress up and pretend they are a princess. They dance in them, twirl in them and just play make believe. Little girls also have a way of getting you to be their dance partner no matter what you’re doing. I don’t mind being a prince though, I have to admit.

Below you’ll find several princess costumes and even dress up shoes to match. Believe me when I say that the shoes are a big deal. What girl doesn’t like shoes?

 Sleeping Beauty Dress Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Cinderella Light Up Dress Disney Princess Shoe Boutique Disney Princess Sparkle Shoe – Cinderella Disney Princess Sparkle Shoe – Snow White Disney Princess Shoe Boutique 3 Pack

Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle

Here is a review

In this video you’ll get an excellent view of the castle and all of it’s features.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jeff Wise

I’ve been a parent since 2008, and I have two daughters. Because of my girls, I know about Disney Princess toys, and think they’re a great choice for all little girls. Growing up, I certainly never realized I’d know as much as I know about Disney, all I was interested in was baseball and other “boy” things. Us dads never think we’ll be playing dress up and princess, but we all end up doing it if we have girls.

Disney Princess Toys For Girls

Did you find some really great toys to buy?

Any of these toys will make an excellent gift for your little girl. As parents, we don’t want to spoil our kids, go over budget, but choosing quality items is important. The good thing about these, are that they’re all high quality items, and will last for years to come. Which are your favorites?

To make shopping easier, always plan in advance by talking with your kids about what they might want and always plan in advance by saving money. I’m a big fan of setting aside a certain amount of money each month for holidays.. You can either put it in the bank or stuff it away in a special envelope called, “Christmas Money” or “birthday money.” How do you prepare for Christmas?

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  1. Oh yes! our granddaughter adored all the Disney princesses when she was little,and still loves them secretly, I think! :)

    • Jeff Wise

      I have a feeling this stuff will be in our house for a long time!

  2. I like the Barbie branded Leapad(frog). The green one my daughter suddenly looks dull:)

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