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Disney Theme Park Barbies

Lets Go To Disney With Barbie

I have to admit that I am a huge Disney fan. I love everything to do with Disney! And Barbie has always been a favorite of mine, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find that there were Disney Theme Park Barbies. Oh, how I wish I would have found these when I was younger, I would have had so much fun playing with the Disney Barbies. Playing with them would have been a great way to remember my fun and magical trips that we had when we went to Disney World. To be honest I wouldn’t mind collection them now as an adult, they definitely represent a very fun and innocent time in my life. Maybe I can add them to my daughters Barbie collection and then of course I would be able to play with them also. (Ha!Ha!)

If you are not a big Barbie or Disney fan, but know someone that is there are many great ways to gift a Disney Theme Park Barbie. Everyone is always looking for a great way to help remember their special trip that they took to Disney World or Disneyland. What better gift than to give them a Disney Theme Park Barbie. Another fun idea that I really love would be to surprise someone with a trip to Disney and then you could give them a Disney Theme Park Barbie as a gift to help reveal the surprise. Whatever the reason for gifting, Disney Theme Park Barbies would be a great addition to a Barbie or Disney collection.

Barbie Loves Mickey Mouse

Barbie Loves Mickey Mouse

Barbie is ready to spend a fun filled day at Walt Disney World. She is dressed to show her love for everyone’s favorite mouse; Mickey! She has her cute hat to help keep the heat off her head and the sun out of her eyes. And I know from experience that you always have to carry a bag with you when you are in the parks. A bag will definitely come in handy. And what can I say about the socks, they just really complete the outfit! So, I don’t know about you, but now I am ready for a trip to Disney. How about you? I say we pick up Barbie and head out!


Barbie Mickey Mouse

To me it looks like Barbie has had a fun and exciting day spent at Disney! She has a brilliant smile on her face and her clothes still look immaculate. But of course a trip to Disney wouldn’t be complete without the purchase of a Mickey Balloon and the iconic Mickey Ears before you leave the park!

Disney Fun Barbie 1997 w/ Balloon and Mickey EarsDisney Fun Barbie 2nd Edition 1994Barbie 1996 Special Edition Walt Disney WorldDisney Weekend Barbie with Polka Dot Outfit

Barbie Love Minnie Mouse

Barbie Loves Minnie Mouse Disney Doll

I know everyone’s favorite mouse is Mickey, but I have to say that Minnie Mouse is actually my favorite. And can you blame me? Just look at how cute Barbie looks in her Minnie Mouse outfit and her Minnie Ears. I would say that she is set and ready to start the day heading to Disney for some much needed magical fun!


Barbie Minnie Mouse

Barbie is just all smiles, just like Minnie Mouse. Aside from just being cute, you can just imagine how much fun she would actually be having if she were at Disney! I know that I always have a smile on my face as big if not bigger than Barbies when I find out that I am going to be spending the day in one of my favorite places, Disney World!

Barbie and Minnie Mouse Love For you. Barbie Loves DisneyBarbie Collector Minnie Mouse Barbie DollMattel Barbie Loves Minnie Mouse Disney DollBarbie Ready For A Day Of Fun In Disney

Barbie Disney Fashions

Barbie Disney Fun Fashions

A trip to Disney just would not be complete without Disney attire. Disney is one of the few places that you can go and see almost everyone dressed in the same kind of outfits. I know Barbie and her friends would love Disney clothes to help make their day at Disney just that much more special!

Although these fashions are fun to wear while at Disney, they are great to wear once home. Barbie doesn’t seem to be able to help herself but to buy Disney clothes. Check out some of these great finds she purchased on her last trip to Disney World. For Barbie life is about having fun so she does, she loves wearing the fun outfits to remind her of the great time she had!


Barbie Disney Fashions Goofy 19891992 Barbie Disney Mickey Mouse Weekend Wear FashionsBarbie Disney Character Fashions w Minnie MouseBarbie Disney Character Fashions Donald Duck FashionMickey & Pals Special Fashion Giftset

Barbie Loves Disney

Barbie Loves Disney Skipper and Chelsea Dolls

Barbie is not the only one who loves Disney, her sisters Skipper and Chelsea do as well. How much fun is it to go to Disney and share that special time with your family! I know that I would not dream of going to Disney without taking my daughter and of course my parents. Barbie is the same, she can’t imagine going to Disney and spending such a wonderful day without her sisters. Are you going to be the one to help them all get there together?


Barbie Going To Disney

When you go to Disney with family it just makes it even more special! Barbie wouldn’t dream of going without Ken and the rest of her family.

Barbie & Friends Gift Set Dressin’ Up with Mickey, Minnie & Donald! – ToysResort World Vacation Exclusive Set with Barbie, Tommy, Kelly, and KenKen and Barbie Going to Disney

Disney Mouseketeers Barbie Then and Now

Disney Mouseketeers Barbie 50th Anniversary Doll (2005)

A lot has changed in the way of clothes over the last 50 years, which you can see with the Mouseketeers Barbie. One thing that hasn’t changed though is how much everyone including Barbie still loves Disney. There is really truly something magical about that place!


Barbie Tommy and Kelly as Minnie and Mickey Mouse

Disney Barbie Tommy & Kelly Dressed As Mickey & Minnie Collector Edition (2002)

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  1. Some very nice ideas here for christmas gifts. Kids just love anything to do with Disney and barbie goes well with it.

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