British TV Comedy : Martin Clunes is “Doc Martin”

Satisfying my BBC comedy addiction by watching all the seasons of “Doc Martin”. It’s a “medical dramedy series” * (a delightful comedy with drama mixed in about a medical professional). It’s all about the adventures of a GP (General Practitioner), Doctor Martin Ellingham, who provides medical care to the residents of Portwenn, a pleasant fishing village, somewhere in England. He has all kinds of patients and a not really all that interesting work, personal and social life. But somehow each episode manages to keep your attention and make you want to tune in next time!

Lots of good things to say about this show. Great scenery. Love the theme music. All of the characters come across as very real and genuine, like people you might actually meet or know in your daily life. All the characters, except for one of them – the main character, Doc Martin.

As much as you like the guy you know that his character is a total fiction!!

We wish we had a GP we could go to who could just look at us, listen to us describe our symptoms, check a few things – urine, blood, heart beat, vision, etc. – and then tell us what’s wrong and what we need to do to fix it!!

Anybody know a doctor like that in real life?

More than happy to give this television program two thumbs up AND five out of five stars!

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* Quote source, Image Credit and Additional Info: Hit British Series ‘Doc Martin’ Getting U.S. Adaptation By Marta Kauffman & Electus –

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Doc Martin Ultimate Collection Seasons 1-7 + The Movies

Doc Martin: Series 8


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