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Doctor Dreadful – Alien Autopsy

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy allows you to create intestines and lung bugs. You can even eat some eyeballs, too. Everything is edible, and everything tastes great, even though it all looks very gross and disgusting!

Find more terrifically gross Doctor Dreadful experiments here, too!

Gross out your family and your friends with these cool Doctor Dreadful labs. Find refills for the lab food, here, as well. These are great Christmas gifts, and are very popular with kids!

Goopy, gory fun for the entire family!

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy

Here is the popular toy that kids love…

Create edible alien lung bugs and eyeballs. You’ll also see bubbling alien guts move on a motorized alien stomach. Eat intestines, too! Everything tastes great but looks incredibly gross.

This set comes with the alien base and alien body, a measuring cup, stir stick, syringe, scoop and 2 packets of food. Allow your children to be mad scientists with this incredibly gross, incredibly fun Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy!

Doctor Dreadful – Alien AutopsyMore Details

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy with Bonus Food refill over 50 Treats

Refills for the autopsy…

Now you can keep playing with the Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy toy, because you will have ample refills that will provide more than 50 treats for you. This is a good seller, because you get it at a great price. Click on the photo for details and pricing!

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy Food RefillMore Details

Doctor Dreadful Alien Autopsy

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

You can eat this zombie’s bubbling brains and zombie skins. Why not inject some spiders into his eyeballs, while you’re at it, too. You can watch in horror as the zombie’s jaw opens up and he pukes out a brain barf beverage for all to enjoy. The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab comes with one zombie head, two tools, five pouches of food and one cup.

Doctor Dreadful Zombie LabMore Details

Doctor Dreadful Zombies Zombie Lab Food Refill

Package includes 1 Brain Mix, 1 Brain Activator, 1 Barf Mix Part 1, 1 Barf Mix Part 2, 1 Skin & Bug Mix and 1
Candy and Drink Making Refill Kit. This stuff may look gross, but it tastes great! If you can bring yourself to try it, that is…

Doctor Dreadful Zombies Zombie Lab FoodMore Details

Doctor Dreadful Stomach Churner

More Doctor Dreadful Experiments & Refills

Have fun with a churning stomach or an organ grinder. Gross out your friends and family with these cool toys in the Doctor Dreadful line of labs.

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Dr. Dreadful Scabs and Guts Board Game

This popular and fun board game engages children ages 6-9 to learn real scientific facts. This game makes learning science fun and interesting. Kids might not even realize they are learning anything through all the laughter and grossness. 2 or more people can play this board game. It includes 130 question cards, a player guide, the game board, 6 mover pieces and 32 wild cards.

 Dr. Dreadful Scabs and Guts Board GameCHECK PRICE

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