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Dodging Tornadoes

Honey, the tornado sirens are going off again!

Do you live in an area prone to Tornadoes? I do! I live right in the path of many twisters every single year. Starting from around late March until the end of May or early June, tornadoes and strong violent storms pop up most evenings. Storms with wind, hail, and often tornado warnings become a daily event.

Arkansas – This Way To Tornado Alley

Arkansas is right in the heart of Tornado Alley. Warm air blowing up from Texas collides with cool air being pushed down from the North, and creates complete havoc in Arkansas during the Spring, and often well into Summer too.

At this time, I have yet to witness a tornado with my own eyes. I have seen the destruction they leave behind. I have been as close as 1 mile as a tornado destroyed a barn near by and took out many tress. I think that was close enough for me. Yet, I remain fascinated with these often occurring weather events. I suppose some have Hurricanes, some have Earthquakes, some people even have to deal with Volcanoes. Me? I just dodge Tornadoes eachSpring and hope for the best!

Dang, there go those loud tornado sirens again…….

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Video Safety Tips for Surviving a Tornado

If there is currently a tornado headed in your direction, then it is a very bad time to watch this video about tornado safety tips. Otherwise, it is best to be informed and educated during natural disasters such as a tornado. Don’t leave this page without watching this tornado safety tips video first. Just a 2 minute safety video about tornadoes could save your life one day.
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Did you know you could watch the hit tv series from Discovery called Storm Chasers online, anytime you want, for free? That’s right, I did say free. Discovery Channel lets you watch Storm Chasers episodes online via their website. Follow the links below to watch Storm Chasers episode online for free and obeying the law at the same time!

Storm Chasers: What Goes Around Season 4 Episode 1

Storm Chasers: Why We Chase Season 4 Episode 2

There are tons more videos to watch on the Discovery Chanel website, so I won’t list them all here, just follow the links above and you will have many options for watching Storm Chasers.

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  1. Tornadoes are actually beautiful and fascinating but deadly!  Used to live in tornado country in Iowa.  During tornado season we would sleep with our shoes by the bed just in case!

    • Poor Iowa got hit hard by tornadoes in 2011. I just sit and wonder what we are in store for next year in 2012. If the storms pick up even worse next year…. well I don’t even want to think about that! I am just gonna watch another Storm Chasers show, those guys have an exciting job I think.

  2. Love the safety tips on dodging tornados too!

  3. A very in depth personal perspective on dodging tornados.  Great job!  Stay safe!  One day we will build our own TIV!!

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