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Best Dog Collars with Lights

The Best Dog Collars with Lights

Dog Collars with Lights are one way we can provide safetyfor our pets with greater assurance. Tell your dog you love him/her with a dog safety light collar. You will be so glad you did this simple thing for your loving pet.
Pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments enter our homes and our hearts trusting our care and love. In return, they give devotion and companionship. They rely on us for many things, including their safety.

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Zeus, my eleven year old, beautiful, white American Eskimo, was a rescued animal and a loving gift to me from my son three years ago for Mother’s Day. As you can imagine, Zeus and I both have had to undergo “learning experiences.” First, I am not basically a dog person and have had only one precious dog in my life. Zeus, in total contrast to my other rescued dog who was calm, friendly, and gentle, came with some bad habits, bad memories, I suppose, and some serious health issues. We both have grown! Even though he is still my great protector, fiercely barking at any man, beast or bird who appears on our home turf, he has slowly learned “friend” and permits those properly introduced that way (and armed with treats) into our home. We communicate and his bad habits are gradually changing as he becomes more secure in his present environment. We both now trust each other and value the companionship and the daily routines.

Dog Collar Safety Lights

Protect the Dog and Yourself

You and your pet will be more visible to oncoming cars and other walkers and runners in the early morning, or early evening with these dog collar safety lights.

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PupLight Dog Safety Light

Available in Four Colors!

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Lighted Collars for Dogs

Safety for Dog and Yourself

Dog Collars with Lights are of special interest to me because my schedule includes very early rising and of course, Zeus awakens then, too! His schedule, however, also includes a later evening outing. So for most of the year, our first and last outside trips for the day are in the dark! Even though our walks are for the most part confined to our large yard and he is on a leash, I can’t always spot him. Oh, a Dog Collar with Lights will be the perfect answer. I will know his location every minute we are outside in the dark! If you walk your dog down city streets or roads, the lighted dog collars would enable you to keep close track of your pet. You will see exactly where he is at all times. How wonderful! The same is true for people who have fenced spaces for their dogs. And I cannot help but think of people who live in areas where dogs can run free! What a security item this would be in case the family pet became wounded, ill, or lost. With a lighted collar, he could be located so much easier from whatever misfortune had occurred. Dog Collars with lights should definitely be on the list of “must haves” for the caring dog owner.

Clip-on Dog Collar LightClip-on Dog Collar LightLED Pet Dog  LightLED Pet Dog LightSafety Dog LED Collar FlashingSafety Dog LED Collar FlashingBlazin' Safety LED Dog CollarBlazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

Lighted Dog Collars

Whether your dog is extra large or small, there’s a light-up collar just for her. Keep her safe at night when walking, playing and exploring!

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  1. Susie Lehto

    These are so neat, what a great idea to help keep dogs safe. I love the lighted collars.

  2. We often take Daisy out at night, too, on a very long rope (so we can grab it in case she decides to run after a critter), so she definitely gets out of sight. A lighted collar would be a great idea for her – thanks for the suggestion and the selection!

  3. What a great idea for keeping you and your dog safe and stylish!

  4. Wow! I have never seen dog collars with lights on them. Would keep them safer when walking in the dark

  5. Keri

    That’s a great idea. I didn’t know they made collars with lights.

  6. Those are awesome! I think everyone that walks their dog at night needs a dog collar with lights. Great idea….thanks for sharing.

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