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Dog Onesie for Adults

Dog Onesie Footed Pyjamas

Onesies are a hot gift for birthdays and Christmas, they’re like pyjamas only one step up with feet and hood attached. They’re super comfy aswell as keeping you warm at all times.

What’s great about onesies is you can be a lot more creative with them than typical pj’s, because you’re almost wearing a costume they can be based on any animal or character.

They’re great for days when all you want to do is lounge around watching Netflix with tons of buttered popcorn, or doing nothing. Great for teenagers too who rarely get out of bed before midday.

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Adventure Time Onesie

Below is a Jake the Dog onesie that is perfect for any Adventure Time fan.

Jake the Dog Footed Pyjama

Our next choice is highlighted because I know how popular Jake the dog is from the Adventure Time series on cartoon network.

Adventure Time is a wacky series set in the world of Ooo (yes three o’s), where Finn the human and his dog Jake go on the most wacky trippy adventures fighting monsters and saving princesses.

Below are two different designs for Jake the dog’s onesie, perfect to give as a gift to someone else or for yourself. For however long you’re dressed in this outfit you’ll feel as if you too are in the land of Ooo with Finn.


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