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Donald Trump: Essentials for Friend or Foe

Donald Trump – Essentials for the Friends or Foe

There are a few essentials that you will need to wrap yourself around the sensation of Donald Trump – whether you are a rabid fan or a heated foe.

And it is hard to be neutral about the sensation that is Donald Trump. No one candidate for President has so captured the imagination with his blustery style and his promise of a better America. He knows how to live large – this multi-billionaire real-estate developer, TV star shows the American dream. So what if he offends a few people along the way – Donald Trump plays it to win.

Is Trump going to win the Presidency? Hard to tell yet, although he is taking an early lead. And in a colorful if bizarre speech that had been described as “performance art” or “slam poetry”, Sarah Palin endorsed his as the best Presidential candidate. Whatever the case, he will never be forgotten. Here are some of the basics you need to find out more about this colorful man, no matter where your political leanings lie.

The World According to Donald Trump

This is an introduction to Donald Trump: his business ideas, his philosophies, all the interesting ideas that are the Donald.

Time to Get Tough: Make America Great Again!Trump: The Art of the DealThink Big: Make It Happen in Business and LifeTrump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small InvestorTrump: How to Get RichWHO IS DONALD TRUMP? A Short Biography of the Life and Times of Donald Trump. (Short Biographies of the Candidates Running in 2016 — Book 13)

Is Donald Trump Going to Win?

When Trump began to run many thought he had no chance of actually being the nominee. He has not held elected office, and does not have the network that many other candidates do. Plus Trump is nothing but controversial.

But then this campaign started in full swing, and it was like a steamroller.

As of the time of this update, April 13, 2016 Trump has 743 delegates. He is clearly in the lead, with 1,237 delegates needed for nomination.

Trump has begun to falter though in the speed that he is picking up delegates.

Will we have a contested – and undoubtedly rowdy – Republican convention?

No one knows for sure, but this is becoming one of the most interesting race to the Presidency ever.

Donald Trump Action Figures

Some people like to think about Donald Trump, but don’t want to read about him. These Donald Trump action figures totally fit the bill. Great gifts for Trump fans or foes.

 Talking 12 Donald Trump Collectors Edition Wobble Head – Make America Great Again

Or Maybe You Just Want a good Donald Trump Joke Book?

The Joke Book for People Who Think Donald Trump Is a Joke101 Hilarious Donald Trump Jokes – Poking Fun at New York City’s Most Annoying MillionairePresident Donald Trump JokesDonald Trump Memes: Hilarious Memes, Jokes and Picture Book

Here is a collection of four Donald Trump joke books.

The Joke Book for People Who Think Donald Trump Is a Joke
Do you want Donald Trump to be President? Do you think that the Kardashians are socially important? Then this book is not for you.
The Joke Book for people who think Donald Trump and the Kardashians are a JOKE. (2 joke books in 1!) Think about Number One and Number Two and what do you get? Two Joke Books in ONE solely dedicated to TWO self appointed icons, DONALD TRUMP and The KARDASHIANS. Get ready to laugh at Hundreds of Jokes aimed at this overly hyped duo, DONALD TRUMP and The KARDASHIANS in The Joke Book for people who think DONALD TRUMP is a JOKE and The Joke Book for people who think The KARDASHIANS are a JOKE. Two Joke Books in One. “What a Deal?” as DONALD TRUMP would say. Don’t Laugh Now. But get ready to Laugh out Loud and Often at DONALD TRUMP and The KARDASHIANS in the NEW JOKE BOOK which combines both of these hysterically funny icons. The Joke Book for people who think DONALD TRUMP is a JOKE and The Joke Book for people who think The KARDASHIANS are a JOKE is Now Available to anyone who wants to enjoy a good laugh at DONALD TRUMP and The KARDASHIANS expense.

The other three joke books poke gentle fun at a man who is not afraid to put himself out in the limelight: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is An Essential Part of the American Political Landscape in 2015 and Beyond

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is a big deal, and almost everyone on your gift giving list would find something in this page as essential to have.

Philosophy of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not just about business: he also is a philosopher.

Donald Trump: Donald Trump Greatest Quotes and Life Lessons (Donald Trump Insights Book 1)Donald Trump: 10 Lessons In Business,Investing And Success From The Self-Made Billionaire Running For President (Donald Trump, Donald Trump Kindle Books,Donald Trump Biography)

Trumped: Let’s Play at Being Donald Trump

Some people have accused Donald Trump of thinking politics and governing the United States is a game. Whether he does or not, we can have great fun and familiarize ourselves more with the Donald and the his philosophy and actions by playing at these board games. Or maybe just spending some Trump dollars!

TRUMP the GameSet of 5 – Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Dollar BillThe Apprentice GameDonald Trump Game:POOF-Slinky 0X8-28295 Ideal Billionaire Card Game, 74-Cards

Toys for the Trump Friends and Trump Foes

Even more cool toys for people obsessed with Donald Trump. My favorite is the pinata.

Extra Large Donald Trump PinataDonald Trump Marina 2005 Herrington Signature Collection Teddy BearDonald Trump – 2016 Campaign Edition (3D Puzzle)U-B Cuddly Donald Trump Plush 18

The Dangerous Game: Trump and Golf Courses

Trump plays to win. Here is an interesting movie about his theory of golf courses and the environment.

A Dangerous Game

Donald Trump T-Shirts and Hats

Make America Great Again – and Build that Wall!

Donald Trump’s motto is to “make America great again.” And I was pleased to know that Rosie the Riveter was going to help us build the wall between the US and Mexico.

Make America Great Again Hat Donald Trump 2016 RedMake America Great Again Hat Donald Trump 2016 RedDonald Trump for President Make America Great Again T Shirt (Medium, Navy Blue)Donald Trump for President Make America Great Again T Shirt (Medium, Navy Blue)2016 Trump For President Men's T-shirt (Large, NAVY BLUE)2016 Trump For President Men’s T-shirt (Large, NAVY BLUE)Funny Mug 11OZFunny Mug 11OZMen's Donald Trump Rosie The Riveter 2016 Build A Wall T-Shirt Large BlackMen’s Donald Trump Rosie The Riveter 2016 Build A Wall T-Shirt Large BlackTrump 2016 T-Shirt Extra LargeTrump 2016 T-Shirt Extra Large

It is essential that every American learn about Donald Trump

Whether or not you support Trump, it is essential to learn about this powerful colorful figure and maybe even have some fun – and these books, toys and games can help you do just that.

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  1. Love all the Donald Trump products. As the president…hard to tell.

  2. Very clever nuggetz. whether you are pro or con for Donald Trump there is a ton of entertainment on this page. Well done.

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    I love all of the Donald fun stuff!

  4. The Donald, Love it!

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