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Don’t Mess with Texas

California Desert Sunset Design Bookplates stickerBook Review:  Don’t Mess with Texas

Don’t Mess with Texas is an  adult Romance novel written by Christie Craig.

When Dallas O’Conner, ex-cop now P.I. and his two partners had been falsely accused of a crime
and had spent a few years in prison before they were cleared, they began to help people who they felt were innocent and usually at no charge.

When Nikki Hunt comes out of the expensive restaurant after meeting with her Ex who left the restaurant leaving her the bill and finds his body in the trunk of her car, Dallas and his brother, a homicide detective, were in the restaurant. Tony notices a commotion out in the alley where the car was parked and goes to see what is happening and finds Nikki a very sick woman. They take her to hospital where it is determined she had been poisoned by eating some of her Ex’s food.

Dallas and his partners set out to prove Nikki did not kill her Ex. When her employee, Ellen at the art gallery, is attacked and stabbed they try to connect the two incidents and find out who is guilty.

Read the book to see how they accomplish this and see what happens between Nikki and Dallas.

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