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Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

Collecting Dragonfly Jewelry Boxes

My daughter collects boxes of all types, so each year for her birthday and Christmas I peruse my choices of trinket boxes to add to her collection. This year we chose dragonflies as a theme, and this page is a list of boxes that my daughter gave me to choose from.

As you can see, dragonflies are a well represented theme in several types of artwork including jewelry, enamel, glass and metal.

These boxes are very collectible and beautiful to display on a shelf or in a glass display unit. Have fun looking through what she selected. For more information on each box, click through the link on this page.

Beautiful Dragonfly Fairy Jewelry

Dragonfly Fairy Box

This gorgeous jewelry box is a great idea for someone that wants to keep a special necklace or piece of jewelry separately from their regular collection.

Glass Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

Fine craftsmanship is the hallmark of these lovely glass dragonfly trinket boxes. The detail on these boxes will delight anyone who receives them. The perfect gift for anyone who loves dragonflies.

 Dragonfly Crystal Jewelry Box Beveled Glass Jewelry Box Dragonfly Floral Jewelry Box Dragonfly Floral Jewelry Box Floral Dragonfly Jewelry Box Heart Hand Painted Box

Metal Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

Children’s Giftware Dragonfly Music Box

This is a beautiful little music box in the shape of a dragonfly. The music is ”Waltz of the Flowers” and the box is silver-plated. It measures about 1.65 inches. This will make a great gift for someone special.

Children’s Dragonfly Music Box

Metal Art Nouveau Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

 Art Nouveau Dragonfly Box Art Nouveau Jewelry Holder Box

Jeweled Dragonfly Trinket Box

Amber Jeweled Dragonfly Jewelry Box

Wood Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

 Dragonflies Handmade Box Carved Wood Box Dragonfly Dragonfly Puzzle Jewelry Box

Designer Dragonfly Trinket Boxes

Sterling Home Dragonfly Trinket Box

Anne Stokes Dragonfly Box

Which Box to Choose?

Dragonflies inspire a lot of designers, as you can see on this page. With their delicate wings, and unique body shape, they work well for jeweled and glass designs. It is more unusual to see them cast in metal because it is a heavier substance.

I am going to have a lot of trouble choosing from my daughter’s selection. I might need to get more than one.

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