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Skin Tone In Winter – Decrease Inflammatory Response

Dry winter skin is an inflammatory response even in humid climates. Running the heat inside dries the air, and affects your skin tone. Hydration and the consumption of healthy omega 3 fatty acids are the best skin tone treatments.

What you put into your skin from your diet is more important to decrease an inflammatory response than what you put on your skin.

Choosing omega 3 fatty acids to eat is also healthy for:

  • your heart
  • your joints
  • your brain
  • your moods
  • your hormones
  • your muscles
  • your arteries and veins

If you eattfatty acids for all of the above, you will be treating your dry winter skin tone at the same time. Adding powerful antioxidants to your diet increases your health even more.

Skin wrinkles are formed from the damage deep in the dermal layers caused by the inflammatory response. Inflammation is prevented by the appropriate levels of omega three fatty acids in your body. To support a glowing skin tone with oils and sufficient good water is  necessary if you wish to slow down the aging of your skin.

GLA of gamma-linolenic acid is an omega 6 oil of a very high quality, pressed from borage, evening primrose and black currant seeds. It is one of the finest oils and the type of omega 6 oil you can choose to effect the omega 3/omega 6 balance that your body needs.

Vitamin E, or mixed tocotrienols, is a vitamin that helps circulate oxygen in your body, and is vital to your health, as well as a deluxe element which prevents an inflammatory response.

These are just a few of the top of the line ingredients you would look for in a health nutritional supplement that you can add to your diet now, to prevent a  dry winter skin.

Dry Winter Skin - Get Radiance

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