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Quit Coffee Shops And Diet Coke

Do you practically live in those beautiful coffee shops? Or stock up on Diet Coke?

Everybody needs early morning mental energy. Lack of quality sleep, pressures at work or at home, the world going nuts in general…and the resulting lack of optimism many feel, all of these things may describe you and what makes you feel less than enthusiastic when you wake up.  You are stressed to the max, and your health practitioner recommends that you try to improve your health with no energy drinks! And no caffeine from diet coke!

Diet sodas…aspartame…phosphoric acid…aluminum…nah!

Your new choices are Coffee Shops Anonymous or Diet Coke Anonymous? And forget those caffeined up chemical vitamin energy drinks!

The good news is, that there are energy drinks with the nutrients that offer help to wake up,  stimulate your brain and mental clarity, and create a prolonged affect, unlike caffeine from coffee or diet coke. Caffeine is a drug, and therefore once  its effect has diminished, you need some more. This is what will keep those coffee shops in business forever!

Guarana, or guaranine,  is a natural stimulant for the brain and offers help to wake up. Yet, it has some omega 3 fatty acids content, which are one of the best nutrients for your brain.

The affect of guarana therefore, is similar to caffeine. The omega 3 oils in it prolong its absorption and power. You are more likely to have more energy all day with a guarana supplement.

Your brain powers up with the chemical neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Here are two factors to consider:

  • guarana stimulates acetylcholine
  • caffeine depletes acetylcholine

That explains entirely why guarana is a healthy choice. I love coffee myself, but we can choose to have a cup of decaf whenever we want – and get something to help us wake up that is more nutritious.

Choline is a nutrient that contributes to the release of acetycholine in the brain. As we get older, our choline levels tend to drop. In fact, Alzheimers patients show extremely low levels of choline. It would be interesting to see if choline supplements would restore brain power to Alzheimers sufferers – the money is usually put into drug research first, so we’ll see. And:

  • choline builds acetylcholine
  • caffeine depletes acetylcholine

A combination of choline and guarana would be in the ideal early morning energy drinks. The release of acetylcholine would be supported much more, and build up reserves instead of reaching the burnout level, as with coffee.

This combination is an anti aging formula. The opposite of the compromise involved in taking stimulants that will eventually exhaust you.

I’ve noticed some coffee shops have added a guaranine green tea to the menu – but it doesn’t come close to the energy drinks I’m referring to.

Other factors need to taken in consideration that affect your energy levels:

  • exercise
  • uncontaminated foods
  • clean water
  • clean air
  • positive thinking

I hope I have given you an idea of how to improve your early morning energy drinks. That does not mean you have to give up your double espresso shot vanilla caramel latte (decaf!)  – ever.



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