Easter Baskets for Pets

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What Do You Put In A Pet Easter Basket ?

Pet Easter baskets are all the rage this year because people have realized that our pets are our kids, too ! Whether you make them for your own pet, or your friend’s or relatives pets, the question is always the same. What do I put in it ? You don’t want to put the same old tired rawhide bones, catnip mice or birdseed bell in your basket. You need some fresh, trendy ideas for pet Easter gifts. Well you have come to the right place. I have dozens of unique ideas that will help you build the best pet Easter basket, ever !

Putting together a pet Easter basket can be a fun family activity, starting with shopping for the contents, then choosing the basket and finally arranging the contents and planning the actually giving. With so many people watching their diet, it may not be very welcome to give a gift basket full of unhealthy, fattening treats. However, a basket of treats for their pet is always welcome. It shows your care not only for your friend but also for one of the things they love most in the world: their pet !

Easter Baskets for Cats

There Are Many Unique Choices For Cats

There are literally thousands of gift choices for Cat Easter Baskets. Don’t go the same old route with balls with bells and catnip mice. There are much more original and unusual gifts out there that you can put in your avant-garde basket. Below are a few suggestions that would make great, innovative gifts to fill the most awesome Feline Easter Baskets. I especially like the necktie cat collar and the turtleneck cat sweater !

PAWZ Road 2 Rows Pink Pearls ColarPAWZ Road 2 Rows Pink Pearls ColarBling Diamante With Bells Cat CollarBling Diamante With Bells Cat CollarCat Bow Tie Pet Costume NecktieCat Bow Tie Pet Costume NecktieTurtleneck Cats SweaterTurtleneck Cats SweaterHugga Wubba, Cat ToyHugga Wubba, Cat ToyPet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat RakePet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat RakeVet Recommended Pet ID TagVet Recommended Pet ID TagCatit Treat Ball, BlueCatit Treat Ball, Blue


Easter Baskets for Dogs

Awesome Gift Choices !

Being Man’s (and Woman’s) best friend, Doggie Easter Baskets have become very popular. Kids make them for their own pet, which is a fun activity for them. Many people make them for other people’s dogs, perhaps including items that the dog owner would not buy for themselves, or just to show your friends and relatives that you love their dog as much as they do. These are only a few of the reasons that Easter Baskets for dogs have become so popular. When choosing the gifts for your basket, make sure that you match the items to the dog you are giving it to, such as age, coat type, and temperament. Below are some suggestions that I have found to be great in canine Easter Baskets. There are many more, you just have to use your imagination !

Bunny Patch BandanaBunny Patch BandanaEaster Spring Bunny Dog CollarEaster Spring Bunny Dog CollarZoo Snoods - Knit Dog SnoodZoo Snoods – Knit Dog SnoodWindproof Waterproof Dog CoatWindproof Waterproof Dog CoatDuckworth Large Dog ToyDuckworth Large Dog ToyDonutz Squeaky Plush Dog ToyDonutz Squeaky Plush Dog ToyDog Chewing Rope Carrot ShapedDog Chewing Rope Carrot ShapedHappy Easter Dog TreatsHappy Easter Dog Treats


Prepackaged Easter Baskets for Dogs

Save Some Time!

Dog Toy and Treat Easter BasketDog Toy and Treat Easter BasketEaster Dog Treat BasketEaster Dog Treat Basket


Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hampster, Gerbel, Rat and Mice Easter Baskets

They May Be Small But We Love Them Big !

Who deserves an Easter Basket more than a rabbit ? It’s about time that we gave something back to the Easter Bunny, eh ? There are also tons of cute gifts for piggies, hamsters and the myriad of other small and cute pets that we keep, such as rats, chinchillas, ferrets, mice and gerbils. Small mammals love to play and it is healthy for them to have proper furniture and toys in their cage and play space. After spending some time looking around, I have come up with some very fun and unique gifts to put in Easter Baskets for our small, furry friends.

Small Animal Sleep Tube Hanging Cozy BedSmall Animal Sleep Tube Hanging Cozy BedKaytee 3 Count Chew ToysKaytee 3 Count Chew ToysWare Small Animal Grooming KitWare Small Animal Grooming KitMulti-Color Small Pet PlaypenMulti-Color Small Pet PlaypenKaytee Nut Knot Knibbler Wooden Chew ToyKaytee Nut Knot Knibbler Wooden Chew ToyNatural Living System, Small Animal HouseNatural Living System, Small Animal HouseSmall Pet BedSmall Pet BedRice Pops Small Animal ChewsRice Pops Small Animal ChewsHarness with Leash for Small PetsHarness with Leash for Small PetsRetractable Cable Tie Out StakeRetractable Cable Tie Out Stake


My Favorite Animal Quote

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms ~ George Elliot

Easter Baskets for Birds

Great Stuff for your Fine Feathered Friends!

Bird people are unique. They love their little, or big, birds just as much as anyone can love a pet. Some people have had their birds their whole lives! Many species of parrots can life 40 to 80 years or more. When you have had a pet that long, they come to have special meaning. If you have someone important to you that is a bird parent, I know they would love an Easter basket for their pet. It lets them know that you understand how special a pet bird can be.

Wooden Bird SwingWooden Bird SwingBird Toy Bells Acrylic Chew RingerBird Toy Bells Acrylic Chew RingerVision Bird BathVision Bird BathLarge Manzanita Bird PerchLarge Manzanita Bird PerchBird Supermarket Shopping CartBird Supermarket Shopping CartYou & Me 3-in-1 Playground for BirdsYou & Me 3-in-1 Playground for BirdsNatural and Colorful Knots ToyNatural and Colorful Knots ToyTAMSCO Bird Feather ScissorTAMSCO Bird Feather Scissor


Easter Baskets for Reptiles

Reptile Owners LOVE These !

Even more than birds, reptiles are truly usually forgotten when it comes to holiday gift giving. Many people don’t like reptiles, such as iguanas, snakes and such. Owners of such pets are usually pretty tired of people saying “ewwwwwwww, why would you what THAT for a pet?” Imagine how thrilled they will be to receive a gift showing some love to their mostly unpopular pet. I bet they smile for the rest of the day…..and then some. It is easier than you might think to make an Easter basket for a reptile pet, I recently made a Valentine’s basket for a friend that has a tank of geckos. (and not one of them offered me a break on car insurance!) He was a happy camper and spent an hour rearranging the tank to include the gifts the basket contained. I have a few suggestions below to help get you started on things you may want to buy for a reptile Easter Basket.

Zoo Med Terrarium Waterfall KitZoo Med Terrarium Waterfall KitDual Thermometer and Humidity GaugeDual Thermometer and Humidity GaugeZoo Med Reptile Shelter 3 in 1 CaveZoo Med Reptile Shelter 3 in 1 CaveZoo Med Labs Reptiramp BowlZoo Med Labs Reptiramp BowlBoston Fern Terrarium PlantBoston Fern Terrarium PlantAfrican Mopani Hardwood Branch ReplicaAfrican Mopani Hardwood Branch ReplicaZoo Med Natural Cork BarkZoo Med Natural Cork BarkReptile Lounger Corner HammockReptile Lounger Corner Hammock


Beautiful Baskets

Perfect for Making Your Pet Easter Basket!

These pretty baskets would be perfect for making your Easter basket! Just put some grass in the bottom or even a pretty towel and fill it up with fun gifts! Then after Easter, these baskets can be used for many other things, like holding washclothes in the bathroom or keeping remote controls in one place in the family room!

Brown Willow  Decorative BasketBrown Willow Decorative BasketWald Imports Brown WillowWald Imports Brown WillowWhite Decorative BasketWhite Decorative BasketHoney Woodchip Swing Handle BasketHoney Woodchip Swing Handle BasketBrown Woodchip Double Handled BasketBrown Woodchip Double Handled BasketOval Shaped -Small- Willow BasketOval Shaped -Small- Willow Basket


Easter Gifts for Pet Parents

Show Them You Understand Their Pet Passion

Bonsny  Enamel Cat PendantBonsny Enamel Cat PendantSterling Silver Black & White Cat PendantSterling Silver Black & White Cat PendantSterling Silver Dog  PendantSterling Silver Dog PendantSS Blue Opal Paw Print PendantSS Blue Opal Paw Print PendantSS Guinea Pig PendantSS Guinea Pig PendantSS  Blue Cubic Zirconia Rabbit PendantSS Blue Cubic Zirconia Rabbit PendantPewter Large Hamster NecklacePewter Large Hamster NecklaceGerbil Oval Pendant with ChainGerbil Oval Pendant with Chain


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