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Cooking Basics ~ Eat Like the French!

Some say that in France, a typical meal has 5 (or 7) components or courses. Here is a variation of the courses: Apéritif, Hors d’Oeuvres, Soup, Main Dish, Salad, Cheese, Dessert. But no matter the number of courses, the meal usually begins with the apéritifs / hors d’oeuvres. Americans would call this part of the meal the appetizers. Do you want to eat like zee French? I do! Indeed, I would be perfectly satisfied just eating the appetizers. Some people skip the meal and go straight to dessert. I wouldn’t skip. I would just start at the beginning of the meal and never graze any further!

I’ll make a confession. I have always envied the French. For me any time a group of people can enjoy eating cheeses one of my favorite foods), cook their food with butter and/or cream, and not have a problem with their weight, I call that an “art”. Besides that, I say there must be a reason why many word-class chefs (such as popular Asian TV chef, Ming Tsai) go to cooking school in France. There are many interesting links to be found around the web that discuss the art of eating like the French. Here are a few.

♦ The French eating habits the world should learn from

♦ Learn the Different Courses in a Formal French Meal

♦ Serious Entertaining: A 5-Course French Meal for Your Bastille Day Fête (You’ll want to celebrate this holiday every day, even if you aren’t from France.)

There are many interesting cookbooks one should have in their kitchen library if they want to learn and/or perfect the technique of French cooking or French cuisine and the art of eating like the French. Here are my suggestions.

The Everything Easy French Cookbook: Includes Boeuf Bourguignon, Crepes Suzette, Croque-Monsieur Maison, Quiche Lorraine, Mousse au Chocolat…and Hundreds More!

French Food: Top 30 Healthy, Easy, Tasty And Popular French Appetizer And Dessert Meals

One can not desire to master French cooking AND eating and not have a cookbook that honors the two iconic chefs known for French cuisine.

Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home

So! Have you been bitten by the eat like zee French bug and want to know more about everything French?

View more recommendations for everything you want to know about French Cuisine.

More Gift Ideas to Continue Your Celebration of Everything French


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The Night Before Christmas in Paris

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  1. Aw – you are making me miss Paris! There is nothing like French cuisine, healthy and delicious at the same time.

  2. Eat Like the French may have more benefits than we ever thought. It is a very popular cuisine for sure. Very nice cookbook choices.

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