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Economizing on your Cat

How to Keep Costs Down and Still Love your Cat

In a struggling economy, most people who find themselves with a tightening budget look for expenses to cut back or eliminate in order to save money. They prioritize the parts of their life that are most necessary or valuable to them, and trim away the things they can do without.

Almost invariably, one of the things that people prioritize highly enough to avoid skimping on is the care and well-being of their pets. Cat owners know that high quality cat food is essential to their cat’s long-term health, and don’t see their cat’s food or other essential needs as a place to cut corners.

Using Coupons to Bring Your Cat Food Expenses Down

Coupons provide an excellent avenue for you to save money on your cat’s food and other necessary supplies without sacrificing the quality of their pet’s nutrition. Many coupons offer several dollars’ worth of savings on larger items, like bags of dry cat food, or “buy one, get one free” opportunities on smaller items, like canned cat food – both of which can save you a few dollars each time you buy food. These can add up to a surprising and satisfying total by the end of the month, if you use cat food coupons every time you shop.

Getting the Best Deals On Your Cat’s Food Online

Finding cat food coupons doesn’t have to mean combing all the local papers and cutting up ads; there are numerous places to find excellent coupon deals online. Start by checking your favorite cat food brand’s website, as many companies offer coupons to download or print out. If the company offers a mailing list or online newsletter, you can often receive printable coupons through that medium as well. In addition, several websites compile lists of links to numerous company pages with cat food coupon offers. Combined with the loyalty rewards programs and rotating consumer discounts offered by many grocery and pet supply stores, a careful shopper can rack up impressive savings by planning ahead and making smart shopping choices.

Economizing Where you Can

As a cat owner, you do your best to keep your cat happy and healthy. It’s wonderful to be able to give your pet the best of everything, but if you’re dealing with an economic squeeze, you may find yourself needing to pick and choose. Expensive cat toys are rarely more interesting to a cat than cheap ones, and trying to put your cat into a Halloween costume is typically more trouble than it’s worth.
Using coupons and looking for deals online allows you to stay with the high quality cat food brand that you trust, while still allowing you to trim a few extra dollars from your weekly budget. Keeping your cat’s diet consistent by remaining with the same healthy food brand is better for your cat’s digestion than switching to whatever is on sale in a given week. Making sure that you spend your money wisely on only what is important can help you keep both your cat and your wallet in good shape.


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