Edible Easter Grass

Edible Easter Grass

Edible Easter grass is a great way to fill your Easter Basket. Easter basket grass, every Easter basket is filled with it. It’s a great filler for all the goodies and is the base of your Easter Basket decorating.

It’s also all over, on the floor, under the couch, all over the table. You are vacuuming up pieces for weeks. You are on constant watch to make sure the baby or dog or cat isn’t eating the Easter Grass, after all it’s very tempting.

Edible Easter Grass does the job of Easter Grass without the worry and hassle. Fill your basket with the edible grass candy and the kids will be eating it up instead of it ending up all over the house.

Edible Grass

There are so many ways to use Edible Easter Grass. It can be used to decorate Easter or Spring Cupcakes or Cakes giving the impression of real grass that will have an amazing effect.

Edible Easter Grass

 Edible Easter GrassView On Amazon

Edible Easter Grass comes in variety of colors and flavors. All the kids favorite flavors, there’s Green Apple, Strawberry and Blueberry. You won’t have to worry and Easter Grass on the floor because it will all be eaten before it hits the floor. And if by chance, it makes it to the floor, you won’t have to worry about any animals and small children eating it. Edible Easter Grass comes in handy packages to fill your Easter Baskets.


Edible Easter Grass Candy

 Twizzlers Edible Easter Grass – Green AppleView On Amazon

Twizzlers!!! Who doesn’t love a Twizzler? Twizzler’s Green Apple Edible Easter Grass is sure to be a hit with the family in their Easter Baskets. Twizzler Edible Easter Grass is a generous 10.5 ounces that will surely be gone in no time.


Fill Their Baskets With Candy

 Edible Easter Grass ~ StrawberryView On Amazon Edible Easter Grass Green Apple & BananaView On Amazon Edible Easter Grass Pink, Blue, GreenView On Amazon Edible Easter Grass BlueberryView On Amazon Edible Easter Grass & Bunnies 1 oz (Strawberry)View On Amazon Edible Easter Grass & Bunnies ~ (Strawberry & BlueberryView On Amazon Edible Easter Grass & Bunnies ~ (Strawberry, Blueberry & Green Apple)View On Amazon Edible Easter Grass & Bunnies ~ (Blueberry & Green Apple)View On Amazon Edible Easter Grass & Bunnies ~ 1 oz (Green Apple & Banana)View On Amazon


Happy Easter

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  1. Gypzeerose

    Edible Easter Grass is a great idea! Why stop the fun with the candy?

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