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Electronic Dart Boards Buyer’s Guide

Electronic Dart Boards, Darts & Accessories

Few advances in the game of darts have been quite as revolutionary as the electronic dart board. The computer does all the work for you in a high-tech board, meaning more time for you to play. No longer will you need to keep the score manually and with more advanced boards you can even input a personal handicap, remember a high score, and present players with an impressive list of games they would otherwise never have tried.

However, with all the extra technology that goes into these boards, you will be paying a little extra and you will most likely be trading in your steel tips for softer plastic ones.

Dart Boards are great fun for everyone and make terrific gifts. They are especially nice for parties and “The Man Cave”. Below is a excellent selection of some of the best Electronic Dart Boards that you can purchase right here online. For more information and and pricing, simply click on the pics, tags, or search bars.

Electronics Dart Board Characteristics

Target Area Size
Thisis ranges from 13.25 inches to 15.5 inches (regulation size).

Type of Display
LEDs are colorful and vibrant; LCDs are muted and more difficult to read from a distance.

Number of Displays
Some electronic boards offer simple number displays that change for each player; some offer multiple player displays that allow you to easily compare your score against others.

Playing Surface
Does it accept soft tip darts only, or both soft and steel tip?

Special Features
Some boards offer special sound effects, voice recording options, or a heckler feature that actually makes fun of bad throws. You’ll also want to see how many pre-set games it has so you have lots of options for even more fun.

Is the board aesthetically pleasing? Does it hang alone or come in a cabinet or arcade style setting?

Electronic Dart Boards on Amazon

Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart Game

Arachnid Arcade Style Cabinet Dart GameView Now

Arachnid arcade-style game like the pros use to win championships. Features Bull Shooter graphics in black finish with three shelves plus additional storage space under cabinet lid. Make your game room the envy of the neighborhood with the Arachnid Bull Shooter Arcade Style Dart Board! Play like the pros with this electronic dart board cabinet set. The seven-foot tall cabinet includes storage space below and a beautiful background for the CricketPro 650 electronic dart board.

American Heritage Cavalier Bristle Dart Board Complete Set

American Heritage Cavalier Bristle Dart Board Complete SetView Now

Add a touch of pub-house excitement to your game room or home bar with the American Heritage Cavalier Dart Board Complete Set. This quality set features a tournament-style bristle dart board housed in an all wood cabinet. This cabinet features dual-score chalkboards and handsome carved details and molding. Weighted steel tip darts offer authentic play.

E-Bristle 3 Piece 1000 LED Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set

Escalade Sports E-Bristle 3 Piece 1000 LED Electronic Dartboard Cabinet SetView Now

The Bullshooter by Arachnid E-Bristle 1000 LED Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set is packed with features. The E-Bristle targets allows for both steel-tip and soft-tip for maximum versatility. The dartboard is mounted in a contemporary style cabinet with top-mounted LED scoring displays. Features 38 games with 183 level variations, including solo play and heckler options. Comes with 2 steel-tip and 2 soft-tip dart sets.

Arachnid Electronic Dart Board – Galaxy 3

Arachnid Electronic Dart Board - Galaxy 3View Now

Take home entertainment to a whole new level with the Arachnid Electronic Dart Board – Galaxy 3. This soft tip dartboard is constructed with innovative technology that includes a 19in LCD wide flat screen monitor where you can conveniently select and program game features and options. Choose between single or double bull option, 25/50, or auto or manual player option. The tri-color LED illumination eliminates shadows on the target which can be flipped around from 15in to 13in for added playability. These features are housed inside an impact-resistant cabinet and is powered by a 120V AC 50/60 Hz 4.8 A. On top of that, it also includes 6 darts, 500 pieces of 0.25in plastic soft tips, and a 1 year limited warranty as well!

Selection of Electronic Dart Boards

Dart boards are perfect for a man cave, game room, or any entertainment area in the home. These electronic dart boards help you keep score and more!

For more information and pricing on each item click on the pics below

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