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Raised Dog Beds Help Your Dogs Year Round

Coolaroo Steel Framed Pet Beds -Raised Dog Beds for All Sizes of Dogs – Excellent Elevated Dog Beds

I have found that elevated dog beds offer the best comfort and protection for dogs all year round. Dogs really need protection from the elements, so I was really happy to learn about the Coolaroo Steel dog bed. Dogs need something to lie down on, concrete just doesn’t cut it.

The elevation of the bed makes it perfect for all sizes of dogs from Chihuahua to Great Dane. This is an excellent product all year long, in cold weather or hot. In the summer, the Cooloroo dog bed provides ventilation to dogs, in the winter it keeps them off the cold ground.

I became interested in this bed when I first saw it used in the Berkeley Animal Shelter where we volunteer, and when I was researching products that are great for older dogs, as my own dog Buckwheat did as he aged and needed special care. He is now on the Rainbow bridge and I will always have wonderful memories of him enjoying the Kingdom of the Backyard from his comfortable Cooloroo bed.

Many Benefits to the Cooloroo Raised Dog Bed

Because of the way they are made the Coolaroo Bed can be used For All Dogs in Many Places
The bed can be used Outside
The bed can be used Indoors
It is particularly easy to clean – Just spray it down
There is no Bedding to Collect Dander – Perfect for People with Allergies
This bed is economical – a huge discount on Amazon.
There are sizes of this bed for all sizes of dogs
It is very Easy to Assemble – made of Breathable HDPE knitted mesh fabric enables breeze to pass through and around to cool your pet
Powder-coated steel frame is lightweight and sturdy, requires only a screwdriver for assembly and includes non-slip rubber feet
The Coolaroo Dog Bed is lightweight and easy to Move
The Dog Bed comes in Four Nice Colors: Green, Terra-cotta, Gray and Cadet Blue
If your Dogs are rough on things, You Can Just replace the Cover
Use indoor or outdoor

Here is my dog Buckwheat enjoying his Cooloroo Bed. He is in it every day.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Large Brunswick Green

The Coolaroo Dog Beds are Perfect for Animal Shelter Dogs

First time I saw the Coolaroo Elevated Dog Beds they were being used in the Berkeley CA Animal Shelter. The director there requested gifts of the raised dog beds, as they were the number one comfort item that was needed for the animals. She said that the dogs really responded well to the beds, and it really reduced their stress. The comfortable fabric sling was a huge relief from the cold cement floor. If you don’t have a dog of your own – why not buying one for the dogs in you local animal shelter?

Cooloroo Elevated Pet Beds are Very Highly Rated by Buyers on Amazon

The Coolaroo Dog Bed is Very Highly Rated on Amazon

With Almost One-Thousand Reviews – the Coolaroo Dog Bed ranks four and a half stars:

The Ease of Cleaning was Often Listed as a Plus
It is also frequently commented about as Easy to Put Together
However, One Caveat is that you Have to Occasionally Tighten the Screws after it is put Together – But that was not seen as a Reason not to Buy the Dog Bed
Note: Be sure You Read the Reviews on How to Assemble it – There are Some Valuable Hints there
The Bed is strong Enough to Hold Several Animals
Realize that you Might have to replace the Cover, but you Can do that Inexpensively
The Coolaroo Dog Bed with Comfortable Fabric Cover was seen as One of the most Popular Dog Beds Available due to the Practicality, Ease of Cleaning and the Positive Ways the Dogs Responded to it

A New Cooloroo Bed for this Little Dog

Here is a cute little dog enjoying her bed. Note a couple of things about this video – although the Coolaroo Large Steel-Framed Pet Bed comes unassembled – assembly is easy and quick.

Also, although many people buy the bed to protect their dogs from the elements when they are outside, it is perfect for indoors. The people in the video used it for their dog on the kitchen floor.

Re-Placement Cover for the Cooloroo Raised Dog Bed

The cover to these elevated dog beds is very sturdy – we have had ours for years. But when we decide to replace it that is easy. Here is the terra-cotta cover that is made of breathable canvas, and protects your dog from mites and fleas.

Coolaroo Replacement Dog Bed Cover – Terra Cotta

The Elevated cooling pet bed by 2PET Deluxe with Oxford fabric and Mesh

Another Fine Raised Dog Bed

Elevated cooling pet bed by 2PET Deluxe with Oxford fabric and MeshElevated cooling pet bed by 2PET Deluxe with Oxford fabric and Mesh

This elevated dog bed is another excellent choice for your little or big Fido. It is made with a strong steel case and a patented resilient nylon material, which is both strong and cool with mesh that allows for air to circulate. It is so durable it is almost impossible to tear up – no matter how boisterous your dog is. It is excellent to prevent your little dog from being attacked by big ugly mites, or gross and destructive mildew and mold.

Elevated Dog Beds are Perfect Year Round

The Coolaroo Elevated Dog Beds are perfect for any season

The great feature of these dog beds is that there are useful to keep your dogs cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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  1. Raised Dog Beds are a great idea, they don’t get wet or cold.

  2. Elevated dog beds are great to keep any dog off the cold floor and they are so comfy. Love these.

  3. These elevated dog beds look fantastic. Do they do the same for humans? Make me want to step in and relax with the dog :D

  4. Raised dog beds are so much better for our older dogs!

  5. MareeT

    Wonderful idea for pets and animal shelters!

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