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Raised Center & Elevated Dog Bowls

Raised Center & Elevated Dog & Puppy Food Bowls

Elevated Feeding Bowls & Pet Food Bowls with Raised Centers for Dogs & Puppies

Elevated dog bowls and raised pet bowls are ideal for feeding multiple puppies and large dogs. They have a raised center to keep the food at the outer edge where puppies can reach, and the wide bases prevent tipping. They are easy to clean, too. There are also raised center pet bowls that make your pets eat slower, because they have to carefully pick the food out from narrow or small spaces. These are great for dogs who eat too fast and suffer digestive issues from it.

Raised or elevated dog food bowls allow your pets (cats and dogs) to eat food or drink water with less strain on their necks and back. Flat pet food bowls cause your pets to have to stretch there necks and maneuver their legs, in order to reach the bowls.

Give your pets raised pet food bowls according to their height. They should be able to easily eat from the bowls without having to bend down too far, or stretch up in order to reach the food or the water.

Dogs and cats alike will benefit from a raised food bowl!

Raised Center Pet Bowls

Indipets Extra Heavy Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer with Raised Center

Indipets Extra Heavy Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer with Raised Center 15-Inch DiameterView Now

This Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer is perfect for feeding multiple puppies. It has a raised center to keep the food at the outer edge were puppies can reach. The wide base prevents tipping and it s easy to fill and clean.

Raised center keep food at outer edge
Heavy duty stainless steel is easy to clean
Wide base prevents tipping
Resists bacteria, rust and scratching


More Stainless Raised Dishes for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs & Cats

Bergan Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer with Raised Middle, 14-Cup CapacityView NowBergan Stainless Steel Puppy Saucer with Raised Middle Bowl, 14-cup saucerView NowProSelect 14-1/2-Inch Stainless Steel Puppy DishView NowProSelect Stainless Steel Puppy Dish, 11-InchView Now

Stainless Steel Litter Feeding Saucer From Leerburg

Stainless Steel Litter Feeding Saucer From Leerburg (15View Now

The stainless steel feeding saucer is perfect for your new litter of puppies. Available in two different sizes; 11 inch diameter or 15 in diameter. The smaller size is perfect for the toy and miniature breeds while the larger size is best for medium and large breeds. Dishwasher safe.

Perfect for a litter of puppies
All the puppies can eat/drink at the same time
Necessary item in all breeding kennels at Leerburg
High quality stainless steel holds up for teething puppies
Lasts for years upon years


Raised Center Slow Feeding Dog Bowls

Slower eating promotes better digestion!!!

Indipets Extra Heavy One Piece Stainless Steel Non Tip – Anti Skid Health Care Slow Feeding Dish, MediumView NowBrake-Fast Dog Food Slow Feed Bowl – Small RedView Now

Elevated Dog & Pet Bowls

OurPets Right Height Cafe Feeder, 8-Inch

OurPets Right Height Cafe Feeder, 8-InchView Now

Includes 2 stainless steel bowls. This raised dog bowl helps reduce stress on medium size dogs while eating and/or drinking water.

Spill ridge keeps food and water from falling on the floor.

Distinctive sleek design will fit any décor.

Made in USA


Elevated Dog Bowls

 Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder, X-LargeView Now Suncast Elevated Feeding Tray, LargeView Now OurPets Right Height Cafe Feeder, 12-InchView Now OurPets Right Height Café Dog Feeder, 16-inches HighView Now OurPets Healthy Pet Dog Diner 12-InchView Now New Age Pet Genuine Dog Bowl Double Raised Med EspView Now

ProSelect Stainless Steel Adjustable Dog Diner Bowl

ProSelect Stainless Steel Adjustable Dog Diner Bowl, 2-Quart, BlackView Now

This adjustable diner is raised dog diners that allow dogs to eat in a more elevated, comfortable position.

Diners have two bowls that are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. These raised height diners help to promote good digestion.

Eating in a natural standing position improves a dogs body alignment and aids in digestion. Adjustable diners feature a wide h-style base.

Bowls adjust easily with the twist of a knob.

Made of stainless steel. Available in black color. Diners with two 2-quart bowls measures 18-inch length by 11-3/4-inch width by 17-1/2-inch height

Available in 3 sizes, each one being adjustable for different height dogs.


Raised Dog Bowls

 Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Stand with Two 8 Cup Rimmed Bowls, BlackView Now PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder, 10.1-Inch, Solid WoodView Now Dogit Elevated Dish, Black, LargeView Now Ethical Pet Spot Hi-Rise Single Diner 2-Quart Pet DishView Now IRIS Large Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage, 2 2-Quart Bowls, BlackView Now Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Stand with Two 4 Cup Rimmed Bowls, WhiteView Now Loving Pets Black Label Collection Rustic Bone Diner for Dogs, 1-Quart, Aged CopperView Now YML 10-Inch Black Wrought Iron Stand with Single Stainless Steel Feeder BowlView Now Ethical Mediterranean Double Diner, 1-QuartView Now QT Dog 3-Quart Double Adjustable Barstool Diner, BlackView Now Popware for Pets Dexas Elevated Single Feeder Bowls with Legs, Large, GreenView Now Platinum Pets Triple Modern Diner Stand with 8 Cups Stainless Steel Dog Bowls in Midnight BlackView Now

Elevated Pet Feeder in Anodized Aluminum

[NEW] PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder in Premium Non Corrosion Aluminum (Short 4View Now

The Conscious Cat Editor’s Choice Award: Top 10 Best New Product.

Modern design with a warm, polished finish that naturally fits your home and lifestyle.

Anodized aluminum is more corrosion resistant than most grades of stainless steel.

Color infused so will not chip. Long lasting, light weight, and easy to clean.

Promotes digestive health and makes mealtime more comfortable for your pets.

Anti-slip feet and bowl insets to help keep things neat and tidy. 2 premium brushed stainless steel bowls hold 3 cups each (24 ounces); 2 inches deep and easy to clean (dishwasher safe).

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