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Night Elf and Blood Elf Staffs, Swords and Weapons

Looking for Just the Right Weapon for your Elf or Wizard Costume?

Elves are one of the most popular costumes of Halloween and Cosplay. Something about them seems to draw fans like no other race. Night elves, blood elves, high elves, dark elves, elemental elves, arcane elves, all of them have their own look, their own style and especially their own attitude!

Elves look equally at home wearing robes and toting staffs or wearing armor and carrying swords. An elf costume can be just about any class you want to play from an ethereal priest to a dark and sinister death knight. You can have long ears, short ears, ears that point straight up or to the rear. To help hide those hard to anchor ears you can wear a beautiful long wig in any color of the rainbow.

Elves are usually beautiful or handsome and vain, so make sure you have a great costume worthy of the race. Below are some weapons that I feel making a great addition to any elf costume.

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Staffs and Staves – Primary Weapon of Most Casters

From Priests to Demons, These Accessories Rock!

One of the primary pieces of an caster elf costume is the weapon. Most would be elves prefer a staff or a stave. The addition of either can provide a dramatic dimension to any caster costume, whether the head is beautiful or frightening.

LARP Staff Foam Cosplay WeaponLARP Staff Foam Cosplay WeaponStaff of the Arch Mage Cosplay WeaponStaff of the Arch Mage Cosplay WeaponAladdin Cosplay Snake-Head StaffAladdin Cosplay Snake-Head StaffAdults Wizard Staff, Black/BlueAdults Wizard Staff, Black/BlueMedieval Fantasy StaffMedieval Fantasy StaffJester Skull Cosplay StaffJester Skull Cosplay StaffThe Hobbit Gandalf StaffThe Hobbit Gandalf StaffGolden Egyptian StaffGolden Egyptian Staff


More Caster Weapons

Scepters and Wands

My favorite characters have always been casters. Classes like priest, mage, shaman, and warlock. Blasting those monsters from across the way with sizzling lightning bolts or balls of flame. Most of these types of characters use a staff or stave as their weapon of choice; the tall variety but some casters prefer to use wands or scepters, as they are more compact and easy to hide. The power from a wand or scepter can be as great as from a staff, if the wielder is skilled.

Magi Cosplay Scepter - GoldenMagi Cosplay Scepter – GoldenFire Emblem Cosplay Scepter GoldenFire Emblem Cosplay Scepter GoldenWorld of Warcraft Gladiator ScepterWorld of Warcraft Gladiator ScepterFairy Magic Wand PropFairy Magic Wand PropWand for Costume and CosplayWand for Costume and CosplayHarry Potter Cosplay ReplicaHarry Potter Cosplay ReplicaCosplay Wand  of DumbledoreCosplay Wand of DumbledoreCosplay Wand with LightCosplay Wand with LightCosplay Wand - Harry Potter - LightedCosplay Wand – Harry Potter – LightedBellatrix Lestrange Wand.ReplicaBellatrix Lestrange Wand.Replica


Sword and Shield Sets – Protect and Defend

Carry Both on Your Back

These shields carry their swords as a part of them. Carried on the back, they are a great costume accent that does not tie up your hands or get in the way. Great for melee class elves.

Barbarian Combat Costume Ram Shield/Sword SetBarbarian Combat Costume Ram Shield/Sword SetViking Lord Shield and Sword Set, Silver/Gold/BrownViking Lord Shield and Sword Set, Silver/Gold/BrownSpartan Shield and Sword Set Costume AccessorySpartan Shield and Sword Set Costume Accessory


Sword and Sheath

Paladins, Knights, Warriors and More

One handed swords, the most common of all melee weapons. Each has its own scabbard and can be affixed to a belt for carrying.

Black Prince Sword with SheathBlack Prince Sword with SheathForum Excalibur SwordForum Excalibur SwordMiddle Ages Broad Sword & ScabbardMiddle Ages Broad Sword & ScabbardTemplar Sword with SheathTemplar Sword with SheathMedieval Crusader Steel SwordMedieval Crusader Steel SwordAmscan Ninja Sword CostumeAmscan Ninja Sword Costume


Melee Weapons

Sword, Axe, Mace, Daggers

Lots of Elves are a warrior class, or melee fighters like knights, or paladins. These costumes are a bit more tricky to put together but when they are done, they are really awesome to behold! The finishing touch, of course is their weapon. Many will go for the one handed sword or axe and shield. Those that do, might want to consider getting a shield that holds their sword, like the ones shown below. It’s a lot easier and does not tie up your hands. Some knights prefer to wield a two handed weapon such as a sword or axe. These huge weapons are vicious looking and will add drama to your costume.

The costume for Rogue or Thief usually sports two matching weapons, worn on the belt and dual wielded. These are usually daggers, or sometimes throwing axes. Cool looking weapons in your belt holsters will greatly enhance your look in this type of costume.

Axes – Single and Double

One or Two Handed

One handed and two handed axes, both make a statement of your power. Add one of theses to your costume and you will be remembered.

Disguise Foam Barbarian AxeDisguise Foam Barbarian AxeSpiked Battle Axe Costume AccessorySpiked Battle Axe Costume AccessoryDark Elven War LARP AxeDark Elven War LARP AxeSnow White & The Huntsman HatchetSnow White & The Huntsman HatchetSpear Costume AxeSpear Costume AxeDragon Battle Axe CostumeDragon Battle Axe CostumePlastic Halloween Costume Tall AxePlastic Halloween Costume Tall AxeBattle Axe with Collapsible HandleBattle Axe with Collapsible HandleHorned Demon Double Axe - CostumeHorned Demon Double Axe – CostumeHand Forged Double Headed  Battle AxeHand Forged Double Headed Battle Axe


How To Make a Cosplay Battle Axe

Battle Maces

Wood or Metal

The ultimate in barbaric cosplay weaponry…..get a battle mace! A great accent for any cosplay outfit of a protector, or aggressor!

Cosplay Hozuki Weapons Mace BlackCosplay Hozuki Weapons Mace BlackDemon Slayer LARP Cosplay MaceDemon Slayer LARP Cosplay MacePercefer - LARP MacePercefer – LARP MaceKiefer - LARP MaceKiefer – LARP MaceKings LARP Mace Cosplay WeaponKings LARP Mace Cosplay WeaponSkull Crusher LARP MaceSkull Crusher LARP MaceMedieval Middle Ages MaceMedieval Middle Ages MaceMedieval Middle Ages Battle MaceMedieval Middle Ages Battle Mace


Rogue or Ninja Style Weapons – Thrown or Melee

Knives, Daggers and Throwing Axes

These also look awesome hanging off your belt, and will add luster and finish to your rogue or ninja costume.

Rogue River Tactical KnifeRogue River Tactical KnifeGothic Medieval Cosplay KnifeGothic Medieval Cosplay KnifeTactical Medieval DaggerTactical Medieval DaggerWicked Cosplay DaggerWicked Cosplay DaggerSwordmaster Knife SetSwordmaster Knife SetThrowing Knives - Set of 3Throwing Knives – Set of 3Stainless SteelThrowing AxesStainless SteelThrowing AxesThrowing Hawks - Stainless w/ParacordThrowing Hawks – Stainless w/Paracord


Ranged Weapons

For Hunters, Rangers and Scouts

The weapon of choice for elves of the hunter, ranger or scout class is the bow. Silent and deadly, a bow can be a fancy or as plain as you want it and still look great with your costume. Crossbows are an alternative, but they are bulky and difficult to carry around. Guns are also an option for this class, but I have found that finding a realistic looking artificial gun is very hard to do, and they are usually very expensive. You can also get in trouble on the street for carrying it around and also in some conventions.

I feel a costume bow or crossbow is your best bet for a weapon for these characters.

Resident Evil Cosplay CrossbowResident Evil Cosplay CrossbowRealistic Crossbow PropRealistic Crossbow PropLeague of Legends Cosplay CrossbowLeague of Legends Cosplay CrossbowSelf Cocking Pistol CrossbowSelf Cocking Pistol CrossbowOverwatch Cosplay Bow & ArrowsOverwatch Cosplay Bow & ArrowsGreen Cosplay Bow and ArrowGreen Cosplay Bow and ArrowHorizon£ºZero Dawn Aloy Cosplay Bow & ArrowHorizon£ºZero Dawn Aloy Cosplay Bow & ArrowWooden Bow and 3 Arrows with Quiver, Dragon Pattern Bow BodyWooden Bow and 3 Arrows with Quiver, Dragon Pattern Bow BodyMarvel's The Avengers Cosplay Hawkeye Clint Barton Bow and ArrowMarvel’s The Avengers Cosplay Hawkeye Clint Barton Bow and ArrowNew Bow and Arrow of Tauriel - Includes a Free Quick Release Paracord BraceletNew Bow and Arrow of Tauriel – Includes a Free Quick Release Paracord Bracelet


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