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Wigs for Elf Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

A Beautiful Wig is the Centerpiece for Your Costume

One of the most important parts of any elf costume, be it for Halloween or cosplay, is the hair. Shiny, colorful tresses are one of the most notable things about elves, male or female.

Elf wigs can be long or short, curly or straight. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from. Some people prefer natural colors like blonde, or auburn or black, while many others prefer the colors of the rainbow. Night elves from World of Warcraft are well known for their brightly colored hair. Purple, green, blue, teal, the sky is the limit!

Costumes of a more malevolent nature often require dark hair. Black, dark purple or navy blue is a good choice for dark elves and evil fairy elves. All look great under a hooded cloak or with a mysterious mask or eye patch.

Proper care for your wig is also an important part of keeping it nice to wear another day, so I have included a video on wig care as well as a tutorial on the best way to put on a wig.

Long and Curly Wigs

Gorgeous with a Flowing Robe

These fabulous wigs are the ultimate look for elf costumes. Add one of these to a long, trailing robe or cloak……what could be more elven? So many colors to choose from, lovely purple, blue, green or pink. Some are multicolored like the gorgeous blonde and pink one. Any of these wigs would be the crowning glory of an elf costume!

Long Curly Wig Multi-coloredLong Curly Wig Multi-coloredBaby Pink with Clip On PonytailsBaby Pink with Clip On PonytailsRoyal Blue WigRoyal Blue WigLavender WigLavender WigSilver White WigSilver White WigLong Curly Blonde WigLong Curly Blonde WigDark Blue WigDark Blue WigTeal Green WigTeal Green WigDark Purple Curly WigDark Purple Curly WigLong Wavy Auburn WigLong Wavy Auburn WigLong Green Curly WigLong Green Curly WigBright Pink Curly WigBright Pink Curly Wig


Shorter Styled Wigs for Elf Costumes

Lots of Colors!

These styles are perfect for hunters and rogues and look great with a hood or headband. They are also very cute for a more wraith style elf, or fairy costume.

Light Pink WigLight Pink WigElectric Blue WigElectric Blue WigHot Pink Pageboy WigHot Pink Pageboy WigWhite Wig with BangsWhite Wig with BangsLime Green WigLime Green Wig3 Piece Wig with Ponytails3 Piece Wig with PonytailsWhite Wig with BraidsWhite Wig with Braids

Video Tutorial – How To Put on a Wig Correctly

and Make it Look Great!

Wig Caps

and a Wig Stand for Styling and Storing

Wig caps come in net or nylon, either is effective at holding in your hair and providing a secure base to anchor your wig. You will also need a wig stand for brushing and styling your wig before putting it on. Wig stands are also the best way to store your wig to keep it in the best possible shape.

Unisex Stocking Wig CapUnisex Stocking Wig CapStretchable Net Mesh CapStretchable Net Mesh CapFolding Durable Wig StandFolding Durable Wig Stand

Long and Straight Wigs

Beautiful Single or Multi-toned

Ultra long, straight tresses are the gorgeous earmark of many elves. Night elves are known for their beautiful long purple or blue hair. Others prefer their hair to have more than one color. Twist it, braid it, put it in pigtails, these wigs are so versatile you can do practically anything with them. They are perfect for any elven costume.

Long Straight Costume Wig GreenLong Straight Costume Wig GreenLong Straight Anime Teal WigLong Straight Anime Teal WigLong Straight White and Teal WigLong Straight White and Teal WigPurple Straight Wig with BangsPurple Straight Wig with BangsHot Pink Long Straight Wig with BangsHot Pink Long Straight Wig with BangsLong Straight Lavender Anime WigLong Straight Lavender Anime WigLong Straigh Pink Cosplay WigLong Straigh Pink Cosplay WigLong Straight Orange CosPlay WigLong Straight Orange CosPlay WigWhite long CosPlay Wig - StraightWhite long CosPlay Wig – StraightWhite Blonde Wig with BangsWhite Blonde Wig with BangsTwo Tone Red Black Anime WigTwo Tone Red Black Anime Wig

Black Wigs for the Dark Elves

Perfect for Warlocks, Sorcerers, and Wizards

Dark hair is always mysterious, that is why it makes such a great choice for the more sinister classes. Mystics, Rogues, Warlocks and all kinds of sorcerers look great with long black hair flowing over their shoulders. Malevolence exudes from the black haired elf!

Black Short CosPlay Anime WigBlack Short CosPlay Anime WigCosplay Costume Short Black WigCosplay Costume Short Black WigSpiky Layered CosPlay Anime WigSpiky Layered CosPlay Anime WigBlack Super Model Wig, BlackBlack Super Model Wig, BlackCurly Black Hair Synthetic WigCurly Black Hair Synthetic WigLong Straight Black CosPlay Anime WigLong Straight Black CosPlay Anime WigAnime Long Black Straight Cosplay WigAnime Long Black Straight Cosplay WigLong Curly Black CosPlay Anime WigLong Curly Black CosPlay Anime WigLong Black Curly Costume WigLong Black Curly Costume Wig

Video Tutorial – How to Take Care of your Wigs

To Keep Them Looking Their Best

Men’s Wigs

Long and Short, in Many Colors

Men Elves need great hair too! Some male elves prefer the long flowing locks, like Legolas, while other prefer spikes or masculine braids. The traditional elven wizard look sports long white hair and a beard! Our male elf wig choices are as varied as the elves themselves, running from black to purple to hot pink!

California Costumes Men's Grunge Wig, Dirty Blonde,One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Grunge Wig, Dirty Blonde,One SizeMapofBeauty Men's Short Straight Wig Cosplay Costume Wig (Black)MapofBeauty Men’s Short Straight Wig Cosplay Costume Wig (Black)California Costumes Men's Headbanger Wig,Black,One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Headbanger Wig,Black,One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men's Hippie Man Wig and Moustache, Brown, One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Hippie Man Wig and Moustache, Brown, One SizeEdgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Adult Wig, Standard Color, One SizeEdgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Adult Wig, Standard Color, One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men's Bail Enforcer Wig,Multi,One SizeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Bail Enforcer Wig,Multi,One SizeS-noilite 24S-noilite 2460422/237 Elf Warrior Wig60422/237 Elf Warrior WigS-noilite 32S-noilite 32

Cosplay is full of lovely elves

and their costumes are gorgeous!
Below are a few of my favorites

Photos of Elf Costumes

Check Out These Beautiful Elves

Image Credits:
Night elf
Wizard World Anaheim 2011 - female elf warrior (not sure of origin)
night elf
DragonCon 2012 cosplay - Yaya Han
Blood Elf from World of Warcraft
Blur Trailer ESO elf


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