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Elk Antler Chandeliers

Elk Antler Chandeliers – Real Or Faux?

Elk antler chandeliers are the perfect accent for log cabins, hunting and ski lodges.

Are you having trouble deciding between faux antler chandeliers or a real antler chandelier? We will look at both kinds, so you can make the right decision for your needs. Combine the majesty and beauty of the Elk with a unique antler light fixture.

Because elk naturally shed their antlers, no animals were injured in the making of these lights.

One of these bold statement fixtures is sure to spark conversation. Elk antler chandeliers add a rustic, country look to any home decor.

Poster of Bull Elk Fighting

The Antlers Are Important to the Elk

Elk Bulls fighting, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming Print
Elk Bulls fighting, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming Print by DanitaDelimont
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Real Elk Antlers Collected and Assembled into Chandeliers

 Real Antler Elk / Fallow Deer Chandelier Light LargeCheck Price on Amazon Rustic Elk 18 Antler Chandelier with 21 LightsCheck Price on Amazon Rustic Elk 12 Antler Chandelier with 12 LightsCheck Price on Amazon Rustic Elk 9 Antler Chandelier with 12 LightsCheck Price on Amazon Real Antler Elk Montana Deer Chandelier Light MediumCheck Price on Amazon

Each Chandelier Is One-of-a-Kind

Real elk antler chandeliers are unique and vary from the basic to superior. Only your imagination is the limit to the sizes that can range from grand to a suave sized accessory, that will fit beautifully in many rooms. Since Elk antlers are found in nature they differ a bit in size, shape and color. You can enjoy a fixture like one would see in a grand ski lodge for years to come.

No Animals Were Harmed to Make the Lighting Fixtures

Antlers Used in Chandeliers Are Naturally Shed Antlers

How Shed Antlers Are Collected

The Synthetic Elk Antlers Are an Affordable Alternative

 The Bighorn Elk Antler ChandelierCheck Price on Amazon The Majestic Elk and Moose ChandelierCheck Price on Amazon

Why Get Reproduction Elk Antler Chandeliers?

Create the atmosphere of the great outdoors with reproduction Elk antler chandeliers. These pieces are a great way to bring the outdoors in. Crafted as a true to life animal, each antler design is unique.

A faux antler chandelier can be cast from different plastic, wood, metals or other materials. These chandeliers are handcrafted, painted and stained to look like the real deal. The only thing you’re bound to notice different is the considerable lower price.

Because it requires a lot of searching to find the antlers in the wild, the natural antlers made into lighting fixtures can be quite expensive.

Elk in the Mountains Poster

How to Build an Elk Antler Chandelier

Video Tutorial from Youtube

If you’ve gathered your antlers and want to make your own chandelier, watch this video for tips.

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