Elvis Costumes for Kids

Exciting Elvis Costumes for Kids

Your child or grandchild is too young to remember Elvis Presley, but if you play Elvis music around the house all day, he will be thrilled with his own Elvis costume for kids. Most of these costumes do not include the wig, so be sure to add a wig to your order — and a guitar if your child does not own one already.

Put a microphone in your child’s hand, and he will be thrilled at the thought of being an entertainer. It’s fun to dress up as entertainers both past and present, and kids will enjoy dressing as Elvis for Halloween or other costume events!

You’ll find a nice variety of kids’ Elvis costumes for kids showcased here!

Best Elvis Costumes for Kids

The best Elvis costumes for kids will make your child want to start singing immediately. Grab that mike, swivel those hips and let’s get some real music going. Be sure your child knows at least one good Elvis tune.

Elvis Onesie CostumeElvis Onesie CostumeRubies Deluxe Elvis Child CostumeRubies Deluxe Elvis Child CostumeElvis Presley Romper CostumeElvis Presley Romper CostumeKid's Elvis Rock Star CostumeKid’s Elvis Rock Star Costume

Elvis Presley – Live Comeback Special TV 1968 (HQ Full Concert)

Guitars for Your Elvis Costume for Kids

Choose a Guitar to Complete Your Child’s Halloween Elvis Costume

You can choose a fun color or a guitar that looks more like one Elvis would have used. The most important thing is to have fun with this Halloween costume!

Another Elvis costume accessory can be a guitar rather than a microphone. Choose from a variety of colors and styles here.

Kids will still be able to enjoy these even after Halloween!

23Kids Acoustic Toy Guitar 23-Inch, BlueChildren’s 6 Stringed Toy GuitarLeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar

Elvis Sings for Kids

Teach Your Child a Few Elvis Tunes

Elvis performed some fun tunes for kids throughout his career, and your kids will enjoy these songs aimed at them. They will dance and sing along as Elvis croons his heart out.

Music is a fun way to bond with your children, and these Elvis tunes will help them to appreciate music from an entertainer who was one of the most popular and beloved of all time.

Elvis Sings for KidsElvis Sings for Children and Grownups Too!Kids Mix: Sing the Hits of Elvis PresleySing Along With Elmo and Friends: Elvis

Elvis Costume Accessories

Here are some microphones, side burns and even sunglasses for your Elvis Costume. The more accessories your costume has, the more fun you’ll have with it!

Perhaps instead of a full costume, you’ll want to wear a white t-shirt and white pants, and use this pretty cape along with some other accessories for a unique Elvis costume look!

Have fun and be creative. Your kids will thank you for it!

Glitter MicrophoneBlack Plastic MicrophoneSide Burns (1 per package)Elvis Basic Gold AccessoryElvis Cape with EagleSideburns MustacheGlitter MicrophoneElvis Rock & Roll Sideburns

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