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Emergency Kits for Your Home

Emergency Kits for Home


Every year when storm season rolls around we hear stories of people stranded for days with no power, no water, no food.

Being prepared for disaster is crucial to survival.

While you can’t be prepared for everything that might happen, you can certainly bring the odds into your own favor by stocking up on items you might need.

The CDC, the National Weather Service, and many others recommend Emergency Disaster Preparedness Kits for your home.

You never know how long power will be out or if the roads will be blocked by downed trees.

Give your family and yourself a better chance of surviving the after effects of a tornado, flood, or other natural or manmade disaster.


Deluxe Emergency Kit

Deluxe 4 PersonEmergency Kit, 2-Person,Deluxe – 42 Person/3 Day4 Person SurvivalEmergency Kit, 1-Person

Hand Crank Weather Radios with Flashlight

Ambient Weather WR-111B

In addition to your home emergency kits with first aid and water, you will want a hand crank radio with a flashlight and cell phone charger.

These radios come with many accessories, so take a look below and find the perfect one for you. Keeping two or more is always a great idea. Keep one in easily accessible areas at each end of the house and one in the garage. You will want to have one in the car too.

Where you can’t always depend on your flashlight batteries to be ready when you are, you can use the hand crank on these flashlight weather radios to provide light and weather updates. Always be prepared.

Ambient Weather WR-089 CompactMidland XT511 GMRS Two-WayQuakeKare Hand-Crank Powered FlashlightKaito KA001 Portable Hand-crankSolar And Crank PoweredKaito KA350 Voyager TrektopAlert Emergency Solar HandMidland ER102 Emergency Radio

Solar Power Generators

XX-Large Solar Generator Kit

Part of your emergency kit should include a generator of some sort. Growing up, my parents took us on camping trips regularly and we learned a bit about using the power of the sun to heat water for our showers. When solar panels became readily available in our area, though still very expensive, my parents had them installed for power, an extra wall heater, and an extra hot water heater. With two teens in the house and two working parents, 40 gals wasn’t enough. We thought it was the coolest thing ever that we had solar power in our house.

Today, it is not so rare but still expensive to install an entire system in your home. There are some great alternatives though.

In case of bad weather where the power is most likely going to go out, you can always have a backup ready. A solar powered generator doesn’t require fuel, only battery backup power. You pay once. You don’t have to keep feeding the monster precious gallons of fuel to keep your home running.

Another great thing about solar generators is they are quiet. There is no horrible sound of an engine running nor fumes to choke you.

More Solar Generators from Amazon

Goal Zero Yeti 150Wagan EL2546 Solar eSunforce 50048 60W SolarSolar Generator Plug NNature Power 40400 1800-WattGo Power! Weekender SWGoal Zero BONUS YetiSolar e Power Cube

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you found an emergency kit that’s perfect for you!

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