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Enzyme Activity For A Muscle Building Diet

The more I read about enzyme activity the more I realize how important it is. An enzyme is required to process and assimilate each group of the yummy food that we eat.

One enzyme is needed to digest sugars, and another is needed to digest proteins. And so forth, for all the foods types that we eat.  I am going to give you a way to get all the enzyme content you need every day for a muscle building diet, and it is easy.

 Eating Raw

Eating raw is a healthy habit. Salads, including raw chopped vegetables, can give us a great source of raw foods. Why raw? Cooking foods destroys the enzymes. Without enzyme activity, it is a lot harder for your digestive tract to break down food into nutrition that you can use.

Poor digestion is the start of many health problems. You are what you eat, but only if you can properly get the nutrition into all your body cells, and get the waste products out.

And this is all performed perfectly by the enzyme activity.

 A Muscle Building Diet

A muscle building diet is most commonly related to eating enough protein. Meat. Poultry,fish and dairy being the usual choices.

Getting high quality lean protein takes a little education, as well as consuming the right healthy fats and oils. To increase your consumption of omega three oils, for example, you might want to switch to grass fed beef, or use a grass fed cow whey protein.

Yet grass fed beef or grass fed whey protein drinks don’t make a muscle building diet if you do not have enough enzyme activity in your digestive tract to break these super foods down.

Time To Prepare Your Power Foods

You get up every day and poach eggs so that the yolk is soft. A soft yolk retains the enzyme needed to digest the egg. A hard cooked yolk means that the enzyme is killed off. Darn.

You chop up a fresh salad and some green vegetables as your breakfast side dish.

Then you make another fresh salad with some different green vegetables for lunch. You throw in a chunk of poached wild salmon or a piece of free range chicken or grass fed steak you cooked last night, and toss it all with some freshly made salad dressing.

 This is you, right?

Right! When do you have the time? When did you learn all these nutrition facts?

Believe me, I sympathize. Time to prepare fresh yummy food has become a luxury for most people.

Yet, there is a solution. One of the best super foods you can add to your daily diet, is a mix of green foods. Powdered green foods are easy to take – two teaspoons of a high quality mixture is all you need. This way, you get that enzyme content boosted into your diet. This will:

  •  improve your digestion
  • detox heavy metals
  • increase your cells’ energy output
  • boost a muscle building diet
  • eating raw – make it easier

Act on these nutrition facts and get ULTRA GREENS – providing enzyme activity. You can be healthy, and you can make it easier.


Super green foods for a muscle building diet.







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