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Ever After High Gifts

Cool Ever After High Toys and Other Items

Ever After High is a web series and a fashion doll franchise released by Mattel in July 2013. It is a companion line to the popular Monster High dolls. However, in this line the characters are based upon characters from fairytales and fantasy stories instead of monsters. As with Monster High and Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, the line varies in different countries and varies in languages. (from Wikipedia)

Ever After High Storyline

Ever After High is a boarding school located in the Fairytale World. It is attended by the teenage children of fairy tale characters, destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps and keep their stories alive throughout the generations. Supposedly, if they don’t follow their individual destinies, their stories will cease to exist and they will disappear forever. This problem is the core conflict of the story.

The main characters are Raven Queen (who does not want to be evil like her mother) and Apple White (who is destined to live “happily ever after” after being victimized by Raven). Raven would prefer to be free to create her own destiny, while Apple (in order to protect her own “happily ever after”) believes that Raven should become the next Evil Queen. The school is divided into two groups, “Royals” and “Rebels”. The Royals are the students who embrace their destinies and are content with their fates. The Rebels are supporters of Raven, who prefer the idea of creating their own destinies. from Wikipedia

You will find cool Ever After High dolls and other great accessories here that little girls will love! Everything from backpacks and bags, to jewelry and jewelry boxes, and so much more.

Plus you can enjoy some Ever After High videos.

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire Dol

Ever After High Kitty Cheshire DollView Now

Kitty Cheshire, daughter of the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland, has decided to rewrite her destiny as an Ever After Rebel.

The posable doll wears her iconic outfit from the webisodes
Her outfit has cat-inspired print, purple patterned tights, “fur”-lined booties, yarn-themed jewelry.

Comes with a headband and bag with grinning face are the cat’s meow.

Doll also comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush and bookmark that reveals her exclusive story.


Ever After High Dolls

 Ever After High C.A. Cupid DollView Now Ever After High Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Doll, 2-PackView Now Ever After High Madeline Hatter DollView Now Ever After High Cerise Hood Fashion DollView Now Ever After High Raven Queen DollView Now Ever After High Apple White DollView Now Ever After High Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair Doll (2-Pack)View Now Ever After High Ginger Breadhouse DollView Now Ever After High Duchess Swan DollView Now Ever After High Lizzie Hearts DollView Now Ever After High Briar Beauty DollView Now Ever After High Blondie Lockes Fashion DollView Now Ever After High Cedar Wood DollView Now Ever After High Dexter Charming DollView Now Ever After High Legacy Day Raven Queen DollView Now Ever After High Thronecoming Blondie Lockes DollView Now Ever After High Thronecoming Apple White DollView Now Ever After High Thronecoming C.A. Cupid DollView Now Ever After High Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella DollView Now Ever After High Legacy Day Briar Beauty DollView Now Ever After High Getting Fairest Briar Beauty DollView Now

Ever After High: The Storybox of Legends Boxed Set Hardcover

by Shannon Hale

Ever After High: The Storybox of Legends Boxed SetView Now

For Ever After High fans, the first three bestselling books in an epic boxset!

Includes The Storybook of Legends; The Unfairest of Them All; and A Wonderlandiful World by Newbery-honor winning author Shannon Hale.

At Ever After High, an enchanting boarding school, the children of fairytale legends prepare themselves to fulfill their destinies as the next generation of Snow Whites, Prince Charmings and Evil Queens…whether they want to or not. Each year on Legacy Day, students sign the Storybook of Legends to seal their scripted fates. For generations, the Village of Book End has whispered that refusing to sign means The End-both for a story and for your life. But this year, one brave student takes her story into her own hands and tries to shut the book on tradition. Find out if it leads to a happy ending… or a happily never after.


And The Thronecoming Queen is… | Ever After High™

Cool Ever After High Gifts

 Ever After High Rolling Backpack 16 Mattel Ever After High 16 Inch Ever After High Secret Hearts Password Ever After High Thronecoming Briar Beauty Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Spring Fashion Angels Ever After High Wish Ever After High Spellbinding Secret Chest Ever After High Ever After High Watercolor Portfolio Ever After High: Kiss and Ever After High Getting Fairest Raven Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple

Ever After High Jewelry Boxes and Jewelry Set

Ever After High Apple White’s Jewelry BoxView NowEver After High Raven Queen’s Jewelry BoxView NowEver After High Spellbinding Secret ChestView NowEver After High Jewelry SetView Now

Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda | Ever After High™

Ever After High Clothing and Costumes

 Ever After High Big Girls’ Gown Ever After High Big Girls’ Short Ever After High Big Girls’ Character Ever After High Big Girls’ Ever After High Little Girls’ Ever After High Maddie Petti Skirts Ever After High Raven Petti Skirts Ever After High Girls Nightgown Ever After High Girl 4 PC Ever After High Girls Flannel Pajamas Ever After High Big Girls’ Character Rubies Ever After High Child Briar Rubies Ever After High Child Madeline M4U Cotton Red Short Sleeves Bow M4U Rayon Sash Ruffles Gothic Lolita

Ever After High Costume Wigs

Ever After High – Madeline Hatter Wig with HeadpieceView NowEver After High – Raven Queen Wig with HeadpieceView NowEver After High – Apple White Wig with HeadpieceView NowEver After High – Briar Beauty Wig with Headpiece – Standard One-SizeView Now

Spring Unsprung: The Purrrfect Prank | Ever After High™

Ever After High Accessories

Handbags, makeup, and other accessories, all with the Ever After High theme. Little girls love this stuff! Give these as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and any other occasion.

 Mattel EVER AFTER HIGH Large Messenger Ever After High – Tea Pot Ever After High – Mirrored Clutch Mattel Ever After High Messenger Bag Ever After High Silk Hand Bag Ever After High – Apple Treat Ever After High Pink Scoop Purse Ever After High Mini Girls Pillow Ever After High Destiny Compact Berkshire Girl’s 3 Piece Ever After

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