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How To Use Extension Cords For Outdoor Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights A Family Tradition

During the Christmas season, my mom would load all 6 of us in her VW and off we would go. We would drive around all the neighborhoods looking at all the wonderful Christmas Lights. As children, we were is awe of all the twinkling lights in the trees and Santa and his reindeer lit up on someone’s roof.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Get Them Where You Want Them

I remember how excited we all were about decorating our yard for Christmas. But I also remember how hard it was to get the look we wanted. How do we light up the middle of the lawn? We used these little brown extension cords and attached these little white clips that made an outlet and then covered them with baggies and tape so that it didn’t get wet with all the snow and rain. We’ve come a long way since then. There are so many options available to make your lawn and yard glow and twinkle with Christmas Lights easily and safely.
Well, I guess we all caught “that” outdoor Christmas Light Bug because it’s like a family competition….

Safety First

Safety First In Using Outdoor Extension Cords

Alway remember, Safety First, especially when dealing with electric. Make sure that your outdoor Christmas extension cords are labeled with UL or ETL. This means that the product has been tested by an independent laboratory that is recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Be sure the packaging states that it is designated for outdoor use and that your extension cords are . They weatherproof and designed for use in winter weather.

Use timers to turn lights on and off. Lights should not be turned on if you are not at home, or left on overnight.
Make sure that your outdoor electrical outlets accommodate three-prong grounded plugs and should be on an electrical circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

All outdoor extension cords use three-prong plugs. Never use an indoor cord outdoors.

If they must cross walkways, tape them down.

When connecting outdoor extension cords, be careful not to create a maze of extension cords, plugs and wires that all come from the same electrical outlet.

When installing outdoor lighting using a ladder, use a high-quality, sturdy ladder that is the proper height. Be sure it is securely positioned. To avoid falls, move the ladder as necessary rather than leaning on it from side to side.

Let There Be Light

I have some favorites that I use in my yard. I use several 25 foot electrial cords that have 3 outlets on the end it brings the electric out to where you need it. I also use 25 foot ones that have 3 two outlet that are spaced 8 feet apart throughout the extension cord. These make it easier to space out your lawn ornaments. If you have the right outdoor extension cords and accessories your outdoor decorating will be wonderful family affair.

I use green extension cords so they can blend easily into landscape. Outdoor extension cords come in different colors and sizes, choose the one that best suits your needs.

First I use a timer with a 6′ foot cord and additional outlets to connect to my home. I now have 3 outlets instead of one! From there you can connect any of the 25 foot extension cords to bring electric to light up that big tree in your front yard or your light up your pathway with some candy canes to delight the neighborhood kids.

 25-Foot 3-Outlet Garden Extension CordCheck It Out 8-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord with 3-OutletsCheck It Out 20-Foot Outdoor Extension CordCheck It Out

Outdoor Timers

 Digital Multi-function Outdoor TimerCheck It Out 6-Outlet Power Stake TimerCheck It Out Plug-in TimerCheck It Out

Outdoor Extension Must Have’s

 Extension Cord Safety SealCheck It Out Cord Connect Water-Tight Cord LockCheck It Out ClickShield Weather Resistant Cord LockCheck It Out 3-Outlet Adapter, WeatherproofCheck It Out Outdoor Heavy Duty Grounded 3-Outlet AdapterCheck It Out Outfoot 3 Outlet AdapterCheck It Out

Keep Those Outdoor Extension Cords Organized

There is nothing worse than having a tangled extension cord, these cord reels keep your cords untangled and ready to use.

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Happy Decorating

Check out some great outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas at:

Outdoor Yard Decor

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  1. For the first time I am planning to decorate outdoors as well as inside. I have a giant redwood that needs some lovely. Thanks for letting me know how to do it safely.

  2. Very timely! It I s so hazardous not to g think safety first. Excellent variety of outdoor extension cords.

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