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Fairy & Floral Magnets

Fairy Mist Magnet Magnets are a great way to show off your interests and decorate a kitchen or office, or any room that has something metal to put them on. The great thing about magnets is you can change them up very easily. Which means you can add or remove some based on the seasons, your current interests, or just on a whim! If you love fairies and flowers, like I love fairies and flowers, then you are going to want to check out these great magnets with original fairy art and floral images on them: Fairy Mist Magnet


I love art, computer art (obviously), and photography, I enjoy cooking, love my pets and all animals, and also enjoy crafts of different types. I have loved art since I was a kid. Mom would always praise my work growing up. Crafts, when I was a child, were my favorite, I remember making candy wreaths and trees and giving them out to my entire family. Mom used to say I could sell them they where so good. Pine cone crafts, painting, and drawing, and I had all the “little girl gadgets”. I loved my pot holder maker, it was a weave set, and in school making braided and beaded bracelet’s for friends. I always played around with art as a youngster, teenager, and young adult, then eventually I discovered the computer and all it had to offer through various painting and photo programs, and then 3D modeling software. I love combining the 3D characters I make with landscapes I create, making fantasy and fun scenes. And I have a huge passion for photography, and memories with scrapbooking.

I love fairies, fantasy, and imagination, “Believing!” that without imagination and the child within it would be a very unhappy world. Flutter off now and explore your inner child, embrace imagination, for within you holds more colors than the world possesses, more creatures than have been written about, more flowers than have been recorded, and more worlds that need exploring.

I love fantasy art, fairies, love renaissance faires, magic, and the things that beautiful dreams are made of.

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