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Falling Snow Christmas Lights

Falling Snow Christmas Lights

There is something magical about falling snow and these falling snow Christmas lights can create that magical feeling even with or with out the falling snow.

These lights recreate the look of falling snow any where you place them. They are made with super bright LED lights in a durable tube that keeps them in sync creating that special falling now affect.

Falling Snow Christmas Lights

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Grab your umbrella’s, the snow is coming. You won’t need an umbrella with these falling snow Christmas Lights. They give the appearance of snow silently falling on the landscape and give you that magical feeling of cold winter day yet the snow will stay in the sky. They are made specifically to create a falling snow or rain effect on your front lawn or home and will be the back drop of your Outdoor Christmas decorating.
These creative lights can be used just about anywhere, your porch, tree, window or hanging from your roof. You can even use them inside your home to have some “snow” falling around your Christmas Tree.

Bright individual LED lights are used inside a clear tube and are synchronized to create the falling snow illusion. They are water proof and weather resistant to withstand the outdoor elements and last for years to come. They are available in a variety of colors to match your outdoor decorating decor.

Falling Snow Christmas Lights

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Falling Snow Christmas Lights

Safety First

When using any outdoor lighting it is important that you use extension cords and accessories that are made specifically for outdoor use. Make sure that all outdoor extension cords and lights are secured if they cross a walkway and are connected with a waterproof connector.

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Happy Lighting

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  1. Love the outdoor yard decor lights. These string lights have an unusual shape.

  2. These falling snow Christmas lights are new to me – I am excited to try them!

  3. I absolutely love the falling snow Christmas lights. I live in South Africa so we don’t get any snow and I’ve always wanted to experience a White Christmas so with these lights I can be a step closer to my dream.

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