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Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina

In 2010, the company that my husband, and sons, work for transferred them to Greenville, South Carolina. When I was told the news, I immediately began researching the area, having never been to that side of South Carolina, referred to as the Upstate. I had only ever been to the midlands and low country. As a teen, I lived in Florence, South Carolina, when my own dad was transferred. After a year, we returned to our hometown in North Carolina.

From looking at pictures, watching videos, and reading about the area on websites, I fell in love with the area. Coming down for one visit, before making the move, my love for the area grew deeper. I couldn’t wait to move here! We have been here for more than a year now and my love for the area is unwavering! One place in particular is much loved by, not only myself, but my family, too: Falls Park.

Falls Park is a wonderful place that runs through the center of downtown Greenville, where families, and individuals, from all walks of life, come to relax, exercise, mingle, have picnics, sit by the water, listen to the water pouring over the natural waterfalls, people watch, enjoy Shakespeare In The Park performances, walk and/or ride bikes on the stretch of the Swamp Rabbit Trail that runs through it, and much more. Occasionally a visiting celebrity will be seen in the park or hanging around downtown at one of the restaurants. In the past year, John Travolta, Martha Stewart, Javier Colon (winner of The Voice), and others, have been here. On one recent visit to the park, my family, and I, were sitting back, people watching, and I could have sworn that Billy Bretherton (Billy The Exterminator – Vexcon) walked past us. The guy must have noticed that I couldn’t take my eyes off him because when he, and the two people he was with, got right in front of us, he smiled the cutest smile ever and I know my face went flushed! Was it him? I don’t know. I like to think it was!

Greenville has many festivals. Two being the Red, White, and Blue Festival on July 4th (my second sons birthday), showcasing SC’s largest fireworks show and Fall For Greenville, which takes place over a 3 day week-end in October. In 2010, the Fall For Greenville Festival took place during my birthday week-end and we chose to go on my birthday. I had a wonderful birthday, with my family, enjoying a warm Fall day in downtown Greenville and at Falls Park. Here are a few images taken at Falls Park on my birthday, 10-10-10:

My daughters standing at the base of the Medusa Tree at Falls Park


My daughters wading in the Reedy River at Falls Park


Two of my daughters running through the fountains at Falls Park


My kids, in reverse birth order L to R, sitting under a bridge at Falls Park

The Medusa Tree, pictured above, is an amazing sight to behold! It stands just outside of the park, in the area between Falls Park and the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. This tree, with its exposed roots, is quite an attraction! I don’t think I ever been near this tree without seeing someone having their picture taken in front it. Actually, if we have a camera on hand, we will snap a picture of one of the kids in front of it, even if we have already done so (a million times) before! lol It is really just an amazing thing to see. Pictures do not do it justice! If you ever find yourself in Greenville, SC, please visit Falls Park and see the tree for yourself!

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  1. Hi Gina!! It’s wonderful to see another South Carolinian on Webnuggetz! I have to admit I have never seen Falls Park, though I lived in Greenville many years ago and grew up in Pendleton. Don’t miss all the super festivals in Pendleton! Looking forward to reading more of your work!

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