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Cooking Basics ~ Do You Have a Favorite Condiment?

Been dining out in American restaurants for practically all my life; and there are always two condiments you can find on any table: mustard and ketchup (or catsup). That’s what I thought, until I started traveling to various states in the United States.

When I got to Texas, I noticed that, in addition to mustard and ketchup, many restaurants have pickled jalapeno slices in a jar on the table and you can always ask for salsa. Texans, have Tex-Mex fusion cuisine and they eat salsa with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My taste buds are not fussy; so now that we live in Texas, it was easy to make the adjustment and use jalapenos or salsa as my “extra flavor enhancer” or condiment.

Did a little research to discover what people around the world use as condiments. Ever try Monkey Gland Sauce? It’s popular in South Africa.

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NOTE: This post doesn’t really provide cooking tips. It’s about what people like to use to dress up food that’s already been cooked. But! Since I have a post series at this site, I included it with the grouping for “Cooking Basics” because it is food-related. See list below.

Condiments From Around the World

Represent Tunisia! Frontier Organic Seasoning, Harissa, 1.9 Ounce

Represent South Africa! Steers Sauces Monkey Gland (375ml)


Represent India! Stonewall Kitchen Our Chutney Collection (4 pc Collection)

Represent China! Huy Fong Sambal Oelek Ground Fresh Chili Paste (Large 18 oz Jars) 2 Pack

Represent United Kingdom! HP Brown Sauce Handy Pack – 285g – Pack of 2 (285gs x 2)

Represent Georgia, Eastern Europe! Marneuli Red Tkemali Classic Plum Sauce

This relish originates in Serbia! Granny’s Secret Ajvar Roasted Pepper, 550 Gram

Scandinavians love this! Lingonberry Preserves by Felix 14.5 ounce (Pack of 2)

The Japanese have been eating this for centuries. S&B Premium Wasabi Paste in Tube, 1.52 Ounce

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Do you have a certain condiment where you live that you like to put on your food or that everbody likes to put on their food? Ketchup? Jalapenos? Whatever?

Interesting Link:
Advice from Dr. Axe. The 20 Best & Worst Condiments for Health (Glad hot sauce and salsa are on the list.)

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  1. This is such a fun way to travel – eating your way across the world! Truly condiments and sauces make the food. Thanks for sharing these with us – and I am so relieved to realize that Monkey Gland sauce does not really include monkeys. :)

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