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My Favorite Tablet and Cover

Why I Bought the Samsung Tablet

I got tired of carrying around a laptop, even though I had a relatively light one. We all remember when laptops were such a delight – we could carry our computers around with us and continue our work wherever we were. The laptop seemed so light, so convenient. But after years of walking around with a backpack that holds my laptop and the charging cord, I wanted something even easier to take along with me.

It took me over a year of researching tablets, looking at what they can do, how much they cost, and what accessories are available for them. Finally, I decided on the Samsung A 8.

Essential Accessories for My Tablet

I did not purchase the tablet until I found a cover with a bluetooth keyboard for it. The cover is to protect the tablet, of course. The keyboard is because there is no way that I can write all the articles I write using only the screen based keyboard. I need to feel keys move under my fingers in order to have a satisfying typing experience. That is part of my writing enjoyment. I found the Fintie and it is wonderful.

My Assessment of the Samsung A8 and the Fintie Keyboard

I have never been happier with a little piece of electronic equipment. It took me a while to get used to the small keyboard and for my fingers to learn not to trip over themselves in the limited space available, and I am not yet used to using Fn-key for some punctuation marks that are available using the shift key on the laptop. The only time that bothers me is when, in the middle of writing a Facebook private message, the message goes off because I typed shift-enter instead of Fn-quotation mark. Aside from that, I could not be happier.

Some commenters on Amazon complain about the keyboard not working consistently and I have not found that to be true. It can only be connected to one electronic unit at a time, so I sometimes have to disconnect and then reconnect when I move from using it with my laptop (while waiting for a replacement keyboard since mine is kaput) and the tablet.

I take the tablet with me to use in coffee shops, on the train, while waiting for appointments. It fits into my smallest purse and the battery lasts as long as I need. I also have an external support battery that does not work with laptops. This gives me even greater degrees of freedom. I hated having to always look for a table near an electric outlet when going to restaurants or coffee shops.

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  1. I prefer using a tablet cover too. They are so darned expensive, why not protect them

  2. I am using my tablet without a cover right now. I think it’s time to reapply the old one or buy a new one that I like.

  3. These are some nice suggestions. You certainly provide a compelling argument for the tablet cover. I want to get more into taking my keyboard around and writing. I will look into these products.

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