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Fenton Art Glass

Fenton Glass Company Art Glassware

Featured here with reviews are some marvelous Fenton art glass pieces that are available to buy online. Showcased for sale are Fenton vases, figurines, carnival glass, and more.

What is Fenton Glass?

Fenton art glass is beautifully decorative and features amazing designs that make stunning collections for the home. One of the most popular choices of art glass, Fenton has many collectors who are always on the lookout for some of the fine pieces in the range. There is even a collectors society!

Fenton glass pieces are handmade to the finest quality and because of this, each piece is lovingly made to a high quality standard. These unique pieces of art glass are truly the homemakers dream item and the amazing collections are proudly displayed in homes across the world.

Below you can find out a little about the history of Fenton Glass Company art glass and what makes this family business so special as well as browse some of the amazing pieces in the range. They are well known for their milk glass and hobnail glass as well as their carnival and cranberry glass. Whether you are simply window shopping or looking to buy online, you are sure to find an item that will catch your eye. This tempting glass is so decorative you will instantly want one for your home!

The range below includes some beautiful ornate fairy lights, a selection of stunning unique glass vases and lots of wonderful collectors pieces from animals to shoes and other figurines.

Fenton also introduced carnival glass in their early years and to this day the pieces are some of the most collectible. You can find some great carnival pieces on sale below too from decorative bowls to figures.

History of Fenton Glass

Fenton glass is made in the US and is one of the largest art glass companies that make handmade designs. The company started over one hundred years ago in 1905 by the two Fenton brothers and started out as a small company based in Ohio.

Their first designs were painted onto glass they purchased and it was only a year later that they started to product their own glass items. In 1907, Fenton introduced what is now popularly known as carnival glass.

One of the wonderful things about the company is that it has always been in the Fenton family throughout the years, passing down from generation to generation.

Fenton Art Glass Collectors Guides

Fenton Art Glass: A Centennial of Glass Making 1907 to 2007 (Schiffer Book for Collectors)View Now

Here is a great collectors guide book with information about identifying original and vintage pieces, collection pieces and in depth histories of the different phases of the company over the years.

Did you know that during the world war, Fenton continued to manufacture glass items, but switched to more practical items such as table wear and mixing bowls?


Fenton Art Glass Vases

Fenton Art Glass – Caribbean Decorated Vase By David Fetty

Fenton Art Glass – Caribbean Decorated Vase By David FettyView Now

Caribbean Decorated Vase By David Fett
Vase, Decorated with floral design – crystal

Made in the USA
Stamped David Fetty on bottom
Vase, Decorated with floral design


Fenton Frank Workman Lava Flow Vase 11″

Fenton Frank Workman Lava Flow Vase 11View Now

This unique Fenton vase is brand new with a Fenton sticker and stamped on the base Frank Workman’s initials: FLW Fenton. It is a large vase at 11 inches tall and almost 5 inches wide. Color is a gorgeous red/orange and black swirl lava flow pattern with a solid black color inside the vase.

Brand new with Fenton sticker
Stamped on the base:
Frank Workman’s initials FLW
Large 11″ Tall, 4 7/8 Wide Rim
Lava Flow Pattern


Water’s Edge Fenton Art Glass By Frank Workman

Water’s Edge Fenton Art Glass By Frank WorkmanView Now

Selection of Fenton Art Glass Vases

These gorgeous Fenton Art Glass Vases will dress up any space in your home. Place one on a foyer table, one on a coffee table, one on a dresser or chest in your bedroom, and one on your dining room table. Click on any photo below for pricing and information.

 View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now

Fenton Art Glass Figurines

Fenton Witch Figurine Bronze Look

Fenton Witch Figurine Bronze LookView Now

Exclusively made for The Bronze Look, LLC in 2010, shortly before Fenton ceased traditional glass making in 2011, our little witch is spellbinding! Designed by the founder of the Bronze Look, Randolph Evans. Amber in color with a black cat painted on as well. Limited edition to 58 with only 19 available.

See more Fenton Carnival Glass below…


Fenton Glass Figurines

These glass figurines are highly collectible. Place them in a curio cabinet or on a shelf to show off to the world. You’ll enjoy these pretty Fenton art glass figurines, and you’ll love giving them as gifts to family and friends, as well. Click on any photo below for information and pricing.

 View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now View Now

Fenton Carnival Glass

The iridescence of carnival glass is what makes it so pretty. The multiple colors just explode as light hits them. Did you know carnival glass is called that, because it used to be given as prizes at carnivals? Today it is highly collectible. Click on any photo below for information and pricing.

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