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Few Rare Side Effects of Microdermabrasion

One of the most sought after treatments in the beauty industry today is microdermabrasion. But just like any other treatment, it is not without its share of side effects and risks. Essentially microdermabrasion is a peeling of the top most layer of the skin via a microdermabrasion machine. Due to the fact that it is a quick treatment that does not take much time it has gained much popularity in females and males alike. It is very effective for treating wrinkles, acne, fine lines, enlarged pores, pigmentation etc. Having said this, there are still many people that get double minded about the treatment and have their reservations due to its side effects.

It is therefore very important to be knowledgeable about the treatment and the results that should be expected from it otherwise you would be disappointed in the end. For you to have a realistic expectation from the treatment and to help you decide if this is the right treatment for you, the following list of side effects has been provided. These side effects usually appear within the first 30 minutes after the treatment:

Skin Redness:

It is observed that the skin usually turns red after the treatment. However it is a normal reaction and due to the microdermabrasion crystals which are used to exfoliate the skin. There are people who tend to have their faces swollen as well due to the treatment. However these side effects are minor and normally go away in a few days after the treatment.

Skin Flaking:

The skin also becomes prone to flaking or starts to peel off as the skin becomes over sensitive to sun lights. Thus it is recommended that one avoids the sun as much as possible and never to step out without a sunblock. It is also advised that a sunblock with a higher SPF be used.

Spot Formation:

People also have noticed the appearance of spots after the treatment. The reason why this tends to happen is due to the reaction of the skin, during the treatment, the unclogged skin pores are exfoliated which brings out the bacteria that causes acne. This is also called as purging.

Side effects are more common if the machine is not used properly. Thus it is important to avail the services of a trained aesthetician or a dermatologist when getting a microdermabrasion treatment. More serious repercussions of not using the machine appropriately can even result in crystals getting into your eyes or one inadvertently inhaling the crystals which could lead to breathing difficulties. Thus it is very important to do your research before thinking about going for the treatment and to go to the right person who is fully trained in this field.

If you suffer from acne scars and desire smoother, clearer skin then microdermabrasion is a non-invasive and painless way to get a new and beautiful skin. So learn well about the many advantages of microdermabrasion and how it works before getting the treatment done!

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