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Cute Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends are Robot Dolls for Girls!

A Fijit is a soft and very tactile, flexible robot doll that can dance and tell a silly joke and is still likely to become known as the top toy for tween girls.

Tesco, Britain’s greatest outlet, thinks the Fijit robot will bump Lego, Buzz Lightyear, Nerf guns and Zhu Zhu hamsters off the top of most young girls’ Christmas wishlists.

The Fijit Friends doll will likely fascinate children and irritate their parents in equal measurement.

The foot high robots, which will come in many different pastel tones with squishy plastic skin, can react to some simple instructions from kids.

Any time you say goodnight, they answer back by closing their eyes – and snoring loudly, and then when you tickle them – they laugh.

In the event you ask them to chat with you they’ve got around a hundred or so set key phrases with which to select from when they reply and talk to you.

Whenever you ask them to tell you a joke they’re able to deliver some fairly humorous “knock, knock” jokes.

In USA the Fijits are increasingly being promoted with the tagline: “every girl wants a best friend, especially one who will bust a move”, though in England the retailers are also hoping that the boys will also fall deeply in love with the new robot technology. The robots can also “interact” by using an apple iPhone application.

Tesco, the country’s best retailer, is very certain that the robots will take off in England once they continue purchase, it thinks they’ll knock Lego, Buzz Lightyear, Nerf guns and Zhu Zhu hamsters off of the top the Christmas wishlist.

The prediction announces the beginning of the top toys for 2011 season when merchants attempt to predict their Christmas best retailers.

FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive Toy

FIJIT Friends Sage Interactive ToyView Now

Girls can poke and squeeze Fijit’s soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements and fun surprises.

Fijit can respond more than 100 built-in phrases and jokes!
Recognizes different types of music and perform different dance moves.

Features voice recognition, beat detection capabilities, and includes her own original songs too!

The 5 AA batteries included are for demonstration purposes only. Please remove these batteries and replace with 5 new AA batteries for optimal performance.


Meet Serafina, the Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend

FIJIT Friends Serafina Interactive Toy

FIJIT Friends Serafina Interactive ToyView Now

Serafina has the biggest heart and only wants to make you happy.
She likes all things girly, and when she plays games, she wants everyone to win. Like all Fijit Friends, Serafina was created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music.

She loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she’s dizzy, and be herself with her one true bestie.

Mattel Fijit Friends Serafina Interactive Toy has beat sensors that allow physical and emotional reaction to different music types. She bounces, wiggles and turns her head and body. Serafina’s soft skin makes her huggable. Just poke her belly for different reactions and watch her LED face and eyes light up.


Watch as Your Fijit Friend Dances to the Beat

Play your own music and watch this Fijit Friend boogie in dance mode. Beat Sensors allow physical and emotional reactions to different styles of music–from slow ballads to lively pop tracks.

Dance along as she rocks, twirls, and bounces to the beat. She’ll even perform her own original songs.

 FIJIT Friends Willa Interactive ToyView Now FIJIT Friends Logan Interactive ToyView Now Fijit Friends Yippits Patter Figure (Pink)View Now Fijit Friends Yippits Plooki Figure (Purple)View Now Fijit Friends Yippits Scooch Figure (Blue)View Now Fijit Friends Shimmies Purple Whirling FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Pink Tia FigureView Now Fijit Friends Shimmies Pink Spinrose FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Purple Tika FigureView Now Fijit Friends Yippits Skippa Figure (Light Green)View Now Fijit Friends Newbies Ice Blue Kira FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Yellow Zinzie FigureView Now Fijit Friends Shimmies Blue Polka FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Powder Pink Kenzie FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Deep Blue Mila FigureView Now Fijit Friends Newbies Emerald Green Melodee FigureView Now

The Fijit tops their annual trends list in front of new versions of some old favorite toys including Lego, Monopoly’s latest version, Transformers and Bob the Builder toys, that are predicted to return into fashion following a quiet couple of years for that yellow construction worker.

Barbie dolls, that has enjoyed very strong retail sales since her 50th anniversary last year, is anticipated to still compete well using the Barbie dolls Doggy Waterpark which includes dogs, a swimming pool and, naturally, a unique bikini for Barbie dolls herself.

The 2nd place out there may be the VTech Kidizoom Twist, a children’s camera which enables customers to see videos and photos as well as includes games along with a special rotating ‘self portrait’ lens.

The costs haven’t yet been made the decision, but Fijits retail for around $50 (£30) in the USA, striking British shelves later within the summer time.

Also out there is latest version of Transformers known as Optimus Prime, a toy known as Baby Anabell and Bob the Builder’s construction tower crane.

Veteran game Monopoly helps make the list by having an electronic version which includes a cash card as opposed to the traditional notes.

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