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Fire Pit Domes

Dome Fire Pits & Dome Fire Pit Covers

A fire pit dome makes a beautiful addition to your back yard or patio. The fire pit domes come with the base and the dome cover, but you can also purchase the dome covers separately to use with a fire pit you already have.

Fire domes typically accommodate wood or charcoal for burning, so they are easy to find fuel for, and to maintain.

Keep one on your patio or other back yard area, and enjoy family and friends on cool nights, as you sit about the fire dome and visit and laugh.

These make lovely gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and any other occasion, too. Give one as a house warming gift, or a birthday gift, as well as for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Everyone will enjoy having a fire dome in their back yard!

Good Directions Copper Fire Bowl with Orion FireDome

Good Directions FB-4 Copper 26-Inch Fire Bowl with Orion FireDomeCheck Price

This beautiful and dramatic spherical fire pit features a heavy duty wrought iron stand and a hand-hammered copper finish.

It comes with an intricately cut steel fire dome, which adds to its beauty.

Can burn wood, charcoal or kindling.

This fire pit is gorgeous when lit! (see photo below)


This is the fire pit featured above with fire…

Fire Domes

These fire domes each have dome covers which keep fire embers from popping out onto the ground, and onto people. They are also beautiful when fire is burning in the pit. Each one is unique. Get more than one for various areas of your yard and patio.

Good Directions FD-1 Starry Night 23-Inch Copper-Finished Steel Fire Dome with Built-In Spark ScreenCheck PriceSteel Dome Outdoor FireplaceCheck PriceAsia Direct 30 in Round Copper Finish Fire Pit with Dome Screen and FREE Cover, CopperCheck PriceGood Directions FD-2 Full Moon Party 30-Inch Copper-Finished Steel Fire Dome with Built-In Spark ScreenCheck Price

Starry Night FireDome

Exclusive to Good Directions, the FireDome offers a unique take on outdoor entertaining, marrying form and function in an object of art that will amuse, delight and add warm ambiance to any outdoor gathering. The intricately cut steel dome and durable faux copper finish on steel basin are handcrafted with exacting workmanship to withstand the elements.

Complete set comes with Dome, Basin, Stand and Dome Lifting Rod. Dimensions: 21″ H x 25″ Diameter.

Good Directions 23 in. Fire Bowl with Starry Night Fire DomeCheck Price

Fire Pit Ball Domes

These cool looking fire pits are shaped like a ball with a dome covering. They not only give you warmth and light when lit, but beautiful silhouettes are very attractive on these fire pit ball domes, as well! You’ll spend hours sitting beside these enjoying the company of friends and family, or taking time for yourself. Click on any photo below for pricing and information.

 Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Good Directions Full Moon Party Copper-Finished Steel Fire Dome

Good Directions FD-2 Full Moon Party 30-Inch Copper-Finished Steel Fire Dome with Built-In Spark ScreenCheck Price

This handcrafted Full Moon Party Fire Dome Fire Pit is made to order when you place your order, so each is unique.

Add a touch of style to your fire pit with a full moon party decorated fire dome with built in spark screen.

Complete set comes with dome, basin, stand, and dome lifting rod.

Dimensions: 29″ high x 34″ diameter
Material(s): steel


Fire Domes

These attractive fire domes add beauty to your back yard or patio area. You can even use them on your deck, but make sure you have a fire pit mat underneath, or set one on a large slab of cement.

Good Directions FB-4 Copper 26-Inch Fire Bowl with Orion FireDomeGood Directions FB-4 Copper 26-Inch Fire Bowl with Orion FireDomeCheck PriceFire Sense Bon Fire 28-Inch Portable FireplaceFire Sense Bon Fire 28-Inch Portable FireplaceCheck PriceHandcrafted Starry Night Steel Fire Dome with Fire PitHandcrafted Starry Night Steel Fire Dome with Fire PitCheck PriceMedium Orion Party FireDomeMedium Orion Party FireDomeCheck Price

Dome Covers

These dome covers work on a variety of fire pit bases. They will help keep embers in the pit, and they add beauty and design to your entertaining areas. These gorgeous dome covers are all you need to bring a touch of class and style to your fire pits.

26″ Handcrafted Cut Steel “Night Sky” Decorative Fire DomeCheck Price

Good Directions 774 Medium Spark Screen for Fire PitCheck PriceGood Directions 778M Orion Fire Dome, MediumCheck PriceHand Crafted Starry Night Fire DomeCheck PriceGood Directions 777M Full Moon Party Fire DomeCheck Price

Hamptons Buzaar Firepit Screen

32″ Firepit ScreenCheck Price

Heavy duty steel 32″ diameter fire pit screen. Half of the dome screen slides into the other half to open.

This fire pit cover will work on a variety of pits, and offers a safety factor, too.

It’s easy to put wood in and remove ashes with the sliding screen, and it’s a great value!


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