Flip Waffle Makers

If you are a fan of waffles, you might consider purchasing a flip waffle maker. These are great for both home and commercial use because they make it easy to cook waffles that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are great for allowing each person to prepare his or her own waffle in a short amount of time!

Why use this style? This kind of waffle maker assists in spreading the batter evenly over the surface, which allows the waffle to cook evenly. Perhaps the other purpose of the flip waffle maker is that it is just more fun!

Flip Waffle Maker Features

How Do You Choose Which One To Purchase?

Every flip waffle maker is different, but here are some of the features that you might look for when selecting a waffle maker:

Cooking and Removing Waffles from Waffle Maker
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Even cooking temperature helps to make sure that you have waffles that are perfect every time, so look for a waffle maker that has a constant cooking temperature. A non-stick surface also helps you to be able to get the waffle out of the waffle maker easily. You can also use a tool to help you to remove the waffle from the iron if necessary.


Timer and Auto Shut-Off Mechanism

One of the great features of a flip waffle maker is a timer that lets you know when the waffle is done. This makes it easy for busy people to just pour the batter in the waffle maker and forget about it until the timer goes off. This is also a great feature for kids because they can make their own waffles. Some waffle makers have an automatic shutoff as well.

Cooking Time

If making several waffles in a short period of time is important to you, how about a double flip waffle maker? These can make 2 waffles at once and can make breakfast fast and easy.

Some flip waffle makers lock into a vertical position for ease in storage, which is important especially to folks who have a limited amount of storage space or a small kitchen.

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Commercial Waffle Makers

When You Need to Make a Lot of Waffles

Commercial flip waffle makers are frequently used for making large numbers of waffles at locations such as hotels that have a continental breakfast, conferences or other places where you feed a large number of people on a regular basis. Commercial flip waffle makers need to be sturdy to stand the rigorous use.

Double Flip Waffle Makers

Make Two Waffles at One Time

If you want to make a lot of waffles in a short period of time, you might consider a double flip waffle maker, which makes 2 waffles at once! This is actually a good concept since you are flipping the waffle maker anyway. Folks that use these say that they are able to make breakfast for a large family or waffles for a large number of people in no time at all.

If you are into some serious waffle making, try a double flip waffle maker!

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