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Floating Pool Coolers

Floating Coolers

Floating Coolers are a must have accessory for your summer time fun in the sun.

There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot summer day while hanging in the pool. These wonderful coolers keep your drinks ice cold while you are lounging, playing or socializing in the pool.

Floating Pool Coolers

These floating pool coolers not only keep your drinks cold but they keep on floating so that where ever you are, your drink and necessities are close at hand. They have different styles that accommodate your needs. A larger compartment to hold 24 bottles, cans or your own concoction. They also have smaller drink holder compartments to hold your individual drinks, lotion and even your car keys or phone. This one is our favorite, it has a place for everything you may need for a day out in the sun whether it’s your backyard, beach or lake.

Constructed of durable. leak proof material they are made to last and take a beating, this will be a one of your must have’s for many summers to come.

Top Rated Floating Coolers

These floating pool cooler are top rated by you, the consumer.

 Intex Mega Chill II, Floating Pool CoolerView Now Intex Mega Chill, Floating Pool CoolerView Now Kelsyus Floating Pool CoolerView Now Intex River Run Floating Pool CoolerView Now Intex Inflatable Floating Pool CoolerView Now INTEX Mega Chill Floating Pool CoolerView Now Margaritaville Floating Pool CoolerView Now AIRHEAD AHAO Floating Pool CoolerView Now WoW Floating Pool CoolerView Now SPORTSSTUFF Floating Pool CoolerView Now Palm Island Floating Pool CoolerView Now The Big Bobber Floating Pool CoolerView Now


Happy Floating

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