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Focal Points in Your Home

A Room’s Focal Point Has an Impact!

If you simply have one focal point in a room, it makes a large impact on that room’s design.

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed a wall mural, or fireplace? Those things are considered focal points.

For your kitchen consider a backsplash that will stand out and be noticed. Glass, ceramic tiles, subway tiles, tin tiles, faux/real brick, etc, are some of the materials you can use for your backsplash.

For your living room consider a fireplace or a wall mural. Your fireplace can be a mobile one. It will still have an impact on your space.

For your dining room consider a pretty wallpaper design on your largest wall. This will look lovely as a backdrop for your dining room table, and will speak volumes to those who see it.

Other focal point ideas include special windows with stained glass or small panes divided by wood or metal; curtains that line a wall in a bedroom, living room, dining room, etc; A water feature such as a fountain; A luxurious bedding set or grand bedroom furniture, and so on.

Focal points speak to our senses. They make us go “wow.” They are often the first things we notice whenever we walk into a room. You can have focal points on the exterior of your home, as well as in the interior.

An accent wall painted a different color than the other wall in a room can also be a focal point. As can art on your walls, or sculptures and other table or floor pieces.

Your focal point should compliment the theme of each room. If you design in shabby chic, modern, or country style design, keep your focal points in those themes, too.

Your home tells a lot about your personality, so make it a place that you love, and that you’ll be proud to show off to others.

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These Items Make Awesome Focal Points

The items below make wonderful focal points for a variety of rooms in your home. Try them today and make a statement in every room. A focal point is the first think people will notice when entering a room, so make it grand, glorious, and something to be remembered.

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