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For Sale ~ Go-Karts

Compare and Save when Buying The Best Selling Go Karts On Sale Today!

Head out for some off road fun and adventures when you get a new go kart.

Go karts are becoming more popular for riding the outdoor trails and sand dunes for a weekend of fun the entire family can enjoy. Go karts are available in several sizes and models to fit most all riders needs.

It’s a real grand feeling to sit behind the wheel of a go kart and whiz down the track, pitting your driving skills against tricky corners in a race to the finish line.

Go karting is all about speed and top notch driving skills. So on this page I will also give you some great tips for safe (and winning) go kart driving tips to use once you have your new go kart delivered!

How to First Get Started with Go Karting

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You have to first locate a go kart track near you and go out there to experience first hand the excitement and adventure of go kart racing. You have to arrive at the track and pay your fee, then get into a go kart and drive.

Arrive and Drive go karting is as simple as that! This lets you get a feel of the kart and experience the thrill of driving before actually investing in a kart of your own.

Many of the go kart tracks provide basic safety equipment like the helmet, neck guard, clothing and gloves but you need to make sure. This type of go karting is also great for families who want some fun without having to shell out the big bucks.


The Best For Sale Go-Karts

Buy The Best Selling For Sale Go-Karts

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Buy New Go Karts Online

Top of the Line Go Karts

For the serious sportsman, Race ready go karts can cost anywhere between $1000-2500 depending on the age of the kart and the chassis brand. What does race ready mean? You will be buying the chassis, rims, axle and gas tank among other parts and the engine as well.

Make sure to check the kart out completely from top to bottom. A lot of scratches and dents mean the kart has seen a lot of rough use. Rattling parts and a too noisy engine can mean it has not been properly maintained.

If you would rather not risk making an investment in a used kart but prefer instead to buy a new one, you have plenty to choose from Do your homework to find out about the different types of go karts, engines, tires and speed limits first.

Go kart racing clubs have certain engine specifications for specific races that need to be followed. Engines are expensive and you will have to involve an engine builder to make it race ready as well.

Once you have your kart you need to invest in safety equipment, spares, oil, gas and basic tools. Knowing what you want before you actually investment will save you a lot of hassles later.

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Important Accessories for Go Karts

Don’t Forget These Accessories!

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Tips for Speed and Cornering When Driving a Go Kart!

Talk to any go karting expert who knows their stuff and you will get the same advice, fine tuning your driving skills should be your first priority.

Right posture is important when seated in the go kart and you might be wondering how that is going to help. You may be surprised to learn that sitting back in the seat and resisting the urge to hunch up over your wheel with your head stuck way up front will help you drive a whole lot better. Quite simply it helps you to handle the kart better!

Imagine your steering wheel to be the face of a clock and position your hands on the wheel at the spots that mark the 9 and 3 places. If possible, don’t go higher than the 10 and 2 positions. Regular practice to place your hands in the same position on the wheel when you drive will give the kart added stability.

After you become accustomed to sitting back in the seat and holding the wheel correctly you can then focus on braking. When you apply the brake it has to be done with force and quickly, slow braking will cause the kart to slide. As you turn into a corner start releasing the brake.

Drivers use what is called a kart racing line to help them gauge turns and straights. You need to experiment to find your markers on the track. Keep the kart straight and wide for as long as possible before turning into the corner. Taking a corner too soon may cause you to lose control of the kart.

As you start to come out of the turn, straighten up as soon as possible to keep the kart straight. Going straight as often as possible will reduce lap time. In other words turn in as late as possible and straighten out as quickly as possible.

Taking a corner fast is good but what really counts is how fast you exit and straighten up. The speed with which you exit a corner should be maintained all the way up to the next braking point.

Making use of these tips may cause you to lose speed at the beginning, but you can be sure it will not last long once you master the art of driving.

More Cool Go Karts

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