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Freaky Halloween Decorations

Scary Fun with Freaky Halloween Decorations

There is nothing spookier than out of the ordinary and unusual freaky Halloween decorations! Typically we think of ghosts, pumpkins, witches and spider webs, but there is more to decorating for Halloween than imagined.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get creative and try something new.

Before heading for the storage bins of old decor, consider some of these unusual and freaky
Halloween decorations that will get the fun started.

True To Size Creepy Window Peeper

 Halloween Decoration – Scary Peeper – Giggle –

Start with this super scary peeper that sure looks freaky and up to no good. I would not want this frightening face looking out the window at me, but isn’t it perfect as a terrorizing Halloween prop?

The eerie thing about this freaky Halloween decoration is that the dimensions are life size which makes it appear real. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

The Most Freaky Halloween Decoration for Your Porch, Entry, Mantel or Shelf

 Creepy Halloween Bust Figure with Light-Up Flashing Eyes

If I wanted to scare everyone to pieces with my Freaky Halloween Decorations, there would be no mercy.

Oops, sorry let me rephrase that…maybe I would scare a few people. I could not scare my mother. My boss, uh maybe, but not sure it’s a good idea. Definitely no scares for the lovely old lady that lives down the street. Everyone else, watch out!

I would choose this Freaky Halloween Decoration with the creepy light up flashing eyes as one of my number one choice to scare a few people and maybe a few more!

Indoor Freaky Halloween Decor

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween

 Item C1551 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Halloween Spider Clock Evil Skeleton Decorative Toilet Paper Holde Bone Chilling Skeleton Arm and Hand Incense Stick Holder  Gifts & Decor Sinister Skull with Lantern Halloween Party Decoration Halloween Decoration -Scary Peeper – Peeping Tom-The True-to-Life Window Prop that will scare your socks off Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper Morris Costumes Bloody Shower Curtain 9 Inch Zombie in a Crawling Position Painted Resin Statue Figurine Head In a Jar (Standard)

Limbless Libby

A Super Freaky Halloween Decoration

 Limbless Libby Animated

Just a glimpse of this 5 foot Libby Witch scares me to no end.

Can you imagine meeting her in person? Yikes!

Put her on your front steps and you may not have many Halloween visitors.

Better keep her inside where she can happily take care of some blood-curdling business.

Outdoor Freaky Halloween Decor

Pro Halloween decorators know that the front yard is a prime spot for scary things. This sets the tone for a great and creepy Halloween display. Spiders and bloody hands have a way of getting this terrifying job done.

 1 X Pressure Sensitive SCREAMING DOORMAT Halloween Decoration BATTERY OPERATED (Just Place It Under Your Doormat) 6 Foot Halloween Inflatable Monster Hand with Blue Eyeball by BZB Goods Morbid Enterprises Red Woman Hanger Halloween Decor, Multi, One Size Skel -A- Dog Skeleton Garden Statue – Exclusive From What On Earth Weary Haunter Grim Reaper in Hammock 4 Foot Wide Halloween Inflatable Black Spider Yard Decoration Brain Zombie Ground Breaker Halloween Decoration Prop 4 Foot Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper Yard Decoration 5′ the Newlydeads Motion Activated Halloween Figures Yard Decor Light up Love & Marriage Music

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  1. I don’t know if freaky is adequate in describing these Halloween decorations. I’d say more like gross or disgusting. But they ought to get the job done for sure.

  2. Gypzeerose

    These are truly freaky Halloween decorations. The scary creeper would really frighten me if I walked up to the window!

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