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Free Halloween Pictures

Spooky Halloween Pictures for you to use on your Halloween stories

All I ask is that if you use any of my pictures, you give an acknowledgement and link to this link: Diana Grant

I’ve been wandering round taking scary Halloween Pictures for my own web pages, but it occurred to me that not everyone wants to wander into shops to take Halloween photographs, so here are some of my own Halloween pictures for you to use.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Here are a few bits of Halloween trivia, and a little about the origins and history of Halloween.

Spooky Halloween picture


Halloween Skull glasses

Halloween is associated with the supernatural, seasonal agriculture such as corn, pumpkins, and scarecrows, and also Gothic literature such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and the undead.

In the 18th Century there was reference to bogies, pranks and the idea of evil, occultism, death, and magic.

Nowadays, Halloween decorations reflect this imagery.

Traditional Halloween colours are black (symbolizing evil and darkness) and orange (symbolizing the colours of autumn and hell-fire)


Halloween skeleton brides

spooky Halloween pictures

In the Middle Ages, on holidays such as Christmas and All Hallows’ Day (1st November) it was usual for poor people to wear fancy dress, and go knocking from door to door, begging for money and food in return for prayers for the dead. Sometimes they would give a performance, singing a song – Wassailing – at Christmas.

Trick or Treating on Halloween

Traditionally, if the homeowner did not give them a Halloween treat such as sweets, cake or coins, they would play a prank or trick, such as throwing an egg or mud at the window of the householder.

Halloween skulls - scary pictures

Scary Halloween pictures of skulls

Here’s a Halloween Poem which I wrote myself:

Halloween Ghoul

Blood trail leads from empty coffin,
Over to the moon-bathed manor
Shadowy figure swathed in rags
Blood soaked, death-stained
Wild eyes sightless
Bony fingers black and bent
A Chilling shriek,
A silent scream
Welcomes in the Halloween

© Diana Grant 5th October 2011


Well I hope you enjoyed reading about the history of Halloween and my Halloween poem.
Here are more spooky Halloween pictures:

Halloween Haunted House

A Haunted House on Halloween

Haunted Halloween House

Spooky Halloween haunted house

And Don’t Forget – You are free to use any of my pictures, provided that you give an acknowledgement and link to this link: Diana Grant

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